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Added: 10/08/2010   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Redirect URL Introduction

A redirect URL is the URL of the page a person is taken to when they fill out the form on a capture page.
The redirect URL can be setup many different ways. You can either allow members to control the redirect url or hard code the redirect url so they cannot change it.
You can have it so that all pages share the same redirect URL or so that each page has it's own unique redirect URL.

Different Methods of Redirect URLs
There are 4 places that redirect urls can be set:
Where Description
Advanced Features
Page Tab
System wide redirect url. This redirects the url for all the capture pages and causes the redirect url under My Personal Info to disappear. This can be overriden by a capture page using the (2) methods below. You can use ~username~ to pass the username of the member.
My Personal Info If a redirect url is not defined under advanced features, then an option appears on the signup page, as well as under my personal info where an member can edit the redirect url themselves.
Edit Capture Page
A way to set a redirect url for a specific capture page from within the admin. Go to edit pages (your-domain.com/admin/editpages) while logged in as the admin and select the page you want to set the redirect url to. If capture pages are editable by members in your system, then they can also use this to set the redirect urlwhen they are editing a page. You can use ~username~ to pass the username of the member.
Capture Page PHP File Takes precedence over all the other methods. To use this, add a hidden variable to the form on the capture page named redirect. You can use ~username~ to pass the username of the member.

Setting Up a Redirect URL

Page Redirection
there are 4 different places where you can edit page redirection

1- Advanced Features:
Use it if you want to hide / disable page redirection for members on personal info page.
Go to Advanced Features, then click page tab to expand it, then enter Redirect URL.

2- Personal info page:
Use this if you want to allow members to set their own redirect URL.

Setting Page Redirect URL

Go to settings page then change Redirect Url.

3- In Edit Page :
Use it if you want to set redirection for this page. If it's blank then it will grab its value from personal info page

Edit Page Redirect URL
Go to Capture Pages -> Click Edit Page button for the page which you want to set redirect URL for -> From top menu select Form Settings -> Redirect URL then set redirect URL in right panel

4- Edit a capture page

Sharing the same field with Edit page, So you can change it from Here or from Edit page

Admin Edit Page Redirect URL

Login as admin -> Go to Pages -> Click edit icon -> Set redirect URL

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