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How do members setup custom form fields to work...

Added: 07/22/2016   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do members setup custom form fields to work with Aweber (such as phone or address)?

Answer    With Aweber, it appears that in order for custom fields to be stored under the contact that the custom field needs to be added to the list.  Custom fields in Aweber are any field other than name (first name) and email.

If a member is using a page that has a custom field and they want the value to be stored in Aweber they need to follow the instructions below to add the custom field inside of aweber.

Adding Custom Fields Inside of Aweber

Aweber Menu for Adding Custom Fields

After selecting a list go to List Options -> Custom Fields.

Aweber Adding Custom Fields


Enter the name of the custom field.  For example, if you wanted to add a field for the Phone enter Phone.

After entering the title of the field click the Add button.

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Q. If you are having your contacts go into your WMT provided autoresponder and then add a 3rd party autoresonder like aweber.. will your contacts get follow up emails from the WMT autoresponder?

A. Yes, you can have it where the contact is added both to the 3rd party autoresponder and also to the software
(there is a setting in advanced features to turn this on/off).

If turned on, then the contact does not receive the instant autoresponder message,
but would receive any follow up messages belonging to the contact group that they are added to.

If you do not want them to receive any messages then have them added to a contact group that doesn't have any messages assigned to it.

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Q. How can I setup multiple lists using aweber?
Example: I have 3 lists collecting contacts with 3 capture pages for 3 different businesses.

A. Setup Aweber while editing each page instead of setting it up under the profile or settings page. This will allow each contact to be added to a separate Aweber list for each page.

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Q. Can I create my own forms like I can with aweber, or do you have to create the capture page too?

A. There is a form builder, similar to Aweber, where you can build a form then get the code to copy/paste on your personal site.

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Q. How can I add aweber to my system?

A. Note: This 3rd party autoresponder comes already setup when we install your system. If you have deleted it and want to add it back use the instructions below. If you prefer you can have us add it for you by creating a support request

1- Go to 3rd Party Autoresponders after login as admin

2- Check if Aweber already exists if not then add a new 3rd party autoresponder

3- Enter Aweber as title, it will show other fields

4- Fill the form using the table below

Title Aweber
Field 1 Title Aweber tracking Name
Field 2 Title
Field 3 Title
Form Target http://www.aweber.com/scripts/addlead.pl
Hidden Fields <input type="hidden" name="listname" value="~field1title~">
<input type="hidden" name="redirect" value="~redirect~">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_redirect_onlist" value="~redirect~">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_adtracking" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_message" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_required" value="from">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_forward_vars" value="0">
First Name Form Name name
Last Name Form Name custom Last Name
Email Form Name email
Phone Form Name custom Phone
Address Form Name
City Form Name
State Form Name
Zipcode Form Name
Additional Form Names Prefix custom

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Q. How do I add an affiliate program with the affiliate programs tool?


To add an affiliate program with the affiliate programs tool first login to your system as the admin

Affiliate Programs

Click Affiliate Programs to manage/ add affiliate programs

Add Affiliate Program

Click add an affiliate program link to add new one

- For the Title, put the title of the affiliate program (exa: "Aweber")
- For the Description put a description of the affiliate program (exa: "An autoresponder service")
- For the Cost Description put a description about the cost (exa: "$1 for your first month then $19 a month after that")
- For the Small Cost put a shorter description about the small cost (exa: "$19/mo")
- For the Payout put the amount of money member receive for referring someone (exa: "Earn 30% For All Sales")
- The video is optional.  A video explanation for your member can be added.  If you put embed code for a video here, then an icon will appear on the member side where they can click on the link to watch the video.

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Q. Do you have an affiliate program tool for promoting multiple affiliate programs?
Q. Can I integrate another auto-responder such as GVO instead of aweber or GetResponse?

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