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Added: 08/26/2010   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago


Add an email template to be used for email messages.
It shows all email templates added and what category it belongs.
And with 3.0 version, you can edit, view, and delete the email template that is already uploaded to your system. Add/Edit the Email Templates

Email Templates Page

At the control Panel home click Email Templates.

Add Email Template

Click add an email template (at the top of the page) to add a new email template.

Email Template Actions

1- Edit: To edit your Email Template.
2- Preview: To send email template to test it.
3- Thumbnail: To upload thumbnail to your email template.
4- Delete: To delete email template.
5- Move up/Down: To reorder email template display.

Email Template Content Group

Add or change the group associated with the template (located at the bottom of the page).
Choose the group affiliated with the template and click Add To Group to save it.

Questions And Answers

Is their a feature that allows me to reuse broadcast messages so I don't have to retype them each time?

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