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Is the paypal commission payout automatic?

Added: 03/28/2012   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

Question   Is the paypal commission payout automatic?

Answer    No, the commission is not distributed automaticly.
However, there is an export to csv report that can be used to create a file that can be imported into PayPal to pay everyone at once.
This report is at the bottom of the "Referral Marketing" page when logged in as the admin.

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Q. Can I create a button by using the button generator in my paypal account and use it as the payment button when a member joins?

A. No, for it to track properly it should be created inside of the software.
However, once created in the software, then you can go and copy the code and place it on a different site.

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Q. How do I setup paypal IPN (instant payment notification)?

A. By default PayPal IPN is enabled.  It is only turned off if you have previously turned it off in your PayPal account.  You can verify it is off if there is no record in the access log when a PayPal payment is made.

To turn on the PayPal IPN follow the instructions below.

- Login to your paypal Business account
- Go to Profile -> My Selling Tools
- Select Instant Payment Notifications -> Update

- Click choose IPN settings

- Select receive IPN Messages and leave Notify URL empty then click save

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Q. How can Members add their paypal email address to the software in order to get paid?

A. Member Variable

First, you will need to setup a member variable for it:
  1. When logged in as the admin go to "Member Variables" (/admin/membervariables).
  2. Add a new member variable titled "PayPal Email".

Fill out member variable

Fill the form on the right side of the page

Your Profile

After you've done that, members can then go to their profile page (/admin/profile) and put their PayPal email there.

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Q. During a trial offer, can they qualify for commission?

A. Yes, during a trial someone is still able to qualify for commission.

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Q. With the External Billing Tool can you pay out different commissions for different products?

A. Yes, you can have each product have it's own commission.  You can also have it where different memberships get different commission payouts for the same product.

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