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Does making payouts outside the software mean m...

Added: 01/25/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Does making payouts outside the software mean making payouts manually?

Answer    Yes, you will have to do them manually.

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Q. How do I test if commission is applied correctly after a payment is made without making a real payment?

A. To test commission assignment without doing a real payment you will need to manually add a payment.

Billing History To add a payment manually, go to ~wmtsystemurl~/admin/members in the members area and click on the billing history icon for the member you want to add commission for.

Add Payment Link In the popup click the Add Payment link.

Add Payment to Member Enter a payment amount and date.  For Type and Transaction ID you can enter anything or leave blank as it doesn't affect test results.

To apply the payment visit: ~wmtsystemurl~/admin/applyaffiliatepayments.php

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Q. Is there anyway to tie together sending a payment and payment being marked as paid?

A. Export Commission Report

, in the Share page "referral program" click export to Excel icon

Using this feature you can export a csv file to use for mass payment in PayPal or Payza, and it marks everyone in the report as paid when generating the report.

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Q. How do I manually mark a member as paid (when paying by cash/check, or giving a free month)?

A. Go to "Members" and find the member.  Then, click the billing link and a popup will appear, enter the payment details there.  Also, if the member is suspended click the suspended link to unsuspend them.

There is an additional step if you have the setting turned on so it suspends them on their next bill date if they cancel (by default it is not turned on and instantly suspends them).  You need to click the view member icon and then in the popup click to add time to their next bill date so it is in the future.  Doing this prevents them from being suspended each night for not being paid.

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Q. Can new downline notification, new commission notification, and test payments be on? They are all turned off. Will changing to on mess anything up?

A. You can modify new downline notification, new commission notification without any issues.  You should not turn test payments on except if you are doing a test payment.  While test payments are on real payments will not work and vice versa.

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Q. Can we use authorize.net to accept payments?

A. Yes, you can. In order to use Authorize.net it will require an SSL certificate which you must buy
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