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Can a commission notification email be sent whe...

Added: 02/17/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Can a commission notification email be sent when a member makes a sale?

Answer    Yes.  There is a setting for this under Advanced Features and by default the setting is turned on.

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Q. Is there a way to change the contact notification email so members know which piggyback domain the lead is coming from?

A. Yes, to do this you would create a contact group for the page and assign the piggyback page to the contact group. After doing that you can edit the contact notification message for the contact group so that it mentions the piggyback domain name.

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Q. During a trial offer, can they qualify for commission?

A. Yes, during a trial someone is still able to qualify for commission.

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Q. What's tilde code for signed up member's ip address in create account welcome email?

A. ~membership~ = Title of the Member's Membership
~password~ = Member's Password
~username~ = Member's Username
~fname~ = Member's First Name
~email~ = Member's Email
~url~ = Member's Redirect URL
~ip~ = Member's IP (5.0+)
~parentusername~ = Parent's Username
~parentphone~ = Parent's Phone
~parentemail~ = Parent's Email
~parentlastname~ = Parent's Last Name
~parentfirstname~ = Parent's First Name
~surl~ = The domain name of the site (DEPRECATED)
~siteurl~ = The domain name of the site (5.0+)
~burl~ = The domain name of the site with /admin added to it (DEPRECATED)

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Q. With the External Billing Tool can you pay out different commissions for different products?

A. Yes, you can have each product have it's own commission.  You can also have it where different memberships get different commission payouts for the same product.

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Q. What's tilde code for signed up member's last name / email and phone in New Member Notification To Parent Email?

A. ~membership~ = Title of the Member's Membership
~siteurl~ = The domain name of the site
~fname~ = Member's First Name
~lname~ = Member's Last Name
~email~ = Member's Email
~phone~ = Member's Phone
~username~ = Member's Username
~parentfirstname~ = Parent's First Name (5.0+)
~parentlastname~ = Parent's Last Name (5.0+)
~afname~ = Parent's First Name (DEPRECATED)
~alname~ = Parent's Last Name (DEPRECATED)
~sitetitle~ = The title of the site (system)

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