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Added: 08/26/2010   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Commission Tracking Tool Overview

The commission tracking tool allows members to get paid for referring people to your system. When an member refers someone to the system the person they refer goes into their downline. They are able to see a genealogy tree of everyone they have referred, then members referred by their referrals, etc. all the way down their tree (no limits on downline view).

Types of Tracking
Commission Tiers
Payment Type
Questions and Answers

Types Of Tracking

The tracking type decides who earns commission when a new member is referred. There are 2 types of tracking methods to choose from:

Regular Tracking

This is the typical tracking used by member programs. When a person signs up they go into the downline of the person that referred them. Credit for the signup always goes to the person that referred them.

Passup Tracking

We offer several (7+) passup tracking plans (1UP, 2UP, etc).  With a passup tracking plan you have "qualifiers" that you "passup" to your parent.  For example with a 1UP the first person you refer is passed up to your parent.  Then the first person that member refers is also passed to your parent forming a pay leg.
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Commission Tiers

Tiers control how many many people get paid when someone signs up. For example, with a 2 tier both the sponsor and the sponsor's sponsor is paid for every person they refer.  You can setup an unlimited amount of tiers with "One Payment to Admin" payment type and 2 tiers with "Multiple Direct Payments".

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Payment Type

One Payment to Admin

When a person signs up one payment is made to the admin for the entire amount. The amount that is paid is represented by a percentage and whatever memberships you create will share the same percentage (exa: You have the percentage as 20% and membership A is $20 and B is $50, A will payout $4 and B will payout $10). In the members area there is a report showing how much each member should be credited for the sale, their current balance, etc. It is the admin's responsibility to setup a payout policy (exa: every account with a balance over $20 is paid once a month) and to make payouts to each member. This is less work for the person signing up (they only make one payment), but creates additional work for the admin. This is typically best for systems with lower payment amounts because transaction fees are more significant ($0.33 of $1 is much worst than $0.33 of $100), signups for small amounts don't want to pay multiple times, no need to worry about someone only making one of the payments then stopping, and members need to make multiple sales before you take the time to send their payment.

Multiple Direct Payments to Members

Also referrered to as direct payment. When a person signs up they make separate payments to each member that receives payment from the signup. For example, if it is 50% commission for 1 tier then if I refer someone who buys a $100 membership then they make 2 payments. 1 payment of $50 to the admin and 1 payment of $50 to me directly to my own PayPal account.
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Direct Payment vs One Payment to Admin

How to Test Things Yourself

You can test things out yourself using test accounts without having to make real payments.
Test commission tracking -- Mark as paid
How To Test Payments

Custom Commission Plans

We can setup custom commission plans. This typically costs $100-$2000 depending on the amount of customizations needed.

Questions And Answers

In a trial period is the commission applied?

Is the paypal commission payout automatic?

How do I turn off the graphical lineage report and instead show the table report?

What is a original parent bonus?

Where in my admin does the software process the commissions and automatically pay them?

In the genealogy list will there be a different color for third and fourth level similar to how the second level is yellow?

Can new downline notification, new commission notification, and test payments be on? They are all turned off. Will changing to on mess anything up?

Do you accept payment through any methods other than paypal?

In the genealogy report what does this mean: *Member MUST Qualify* *Member NOT REQUIRED To Qualify*

Is there anyway to tie together sending a payment and payment being marked as paid?

How does commission work?

Can Members see there downline in the Member Area ?

Inside the advanced features it says we can turn on commission notifications. Where can I edit/see the notification letter first?

With Authorize.net and First Data, when a person's card is declined for a one time payment, is an email sent out to let them know their card was declined with instructions on how to resubmit payment?

Does your software do commission/compensation tracking? a. Does your software do auto payment distribution to Members in the Member Area?

How can Members add their Paypal email address to the software in order to get paid?

Can a commission notification email be sent when a member makes a sale?

Will your commission tracking addon work with a unilevel compensation plan.

Can external billing work with commission tracking plugin?

Is it possible to integrate the system with the JVZoo payment portal?

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