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Added: 06/27/2013   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

PROBLEM: Authorize.net does not track the commission

1) Make sure the silent post URL is setup correctly as described here
2) Make sure the hash key is the same in authorize.net and our system (make sure from the billing buttons).

PROBLEM: Why are members being suspended?

1) Under advanced features.
- Signup/Billing options for suspending if cancel payment.
2) Check billing history on your-domain.com/admin/members for the member to confirm he paid and check the billing date and next billing date.

PROBLEM: Billing button does not work

1) Check the setup for the button.
2) Make sure that the button is using WYSWYG or php (not static html code) (if not make it using WYSWYG or php)
3) If you need to make html code print one using WYSWYG and get the html code for it.
most problems here is about wrong setup

PROBLEM: Authorize.net Rejects International Payments

authorize.net may have issues with international payments. It depends on your merchant account if it will accept international payments or not.

Important Notes About Direct Payment

- No your-domain.com/admin/billing page as every member will have their own billing setting setup on their profile or settings page.  In addition, it redirects to your-domain.com/admin/memberships where you set the price for each membership.
- To setup direct payment you need to add member variables for every payment processor you support (PayPal, Payza, etc)
- The direct payment method only exists for PRO System

Questions And Answers

How do I test if commission is applied correctly after a payment is made without making a real payment?

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