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With Authorize.net and First Data, when a perso...

Added: 04/04/2012   |   Updated: 4 Years Ago

Question   With Authorize.net and First Data, when a person's card is declined for a one time payment, is an email sent out to let them know their card was declined with instructions on how to resubmit payment?

Answer    No, there is no email that is sent, however, it shows them a message on their screen saying their payment was declined and when they login it will take them to make payment.

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Q. How do I setup authorize.net ailent post URL?

A. The images below show the steps for setting up a silent post url in the authorize.net account. This is needed for recurring payments if you need commissions to be tracked or if you need it to show recurring billing history.

The steps below show how to setup the MD5 key used for authentication:

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Q. Can we use authorize.net to accept payments?

A. Yes, you can. In order to use Authorize.net it will require an SSL certificate which you must buy
You can purchase this certificate from us...

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Q. Do you accept payment through any methods other than paypal?

A. We also offer AlertPay.  Also, we can setup payment through our webmarketingtool.com site if needed through credit card.

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Q. We want to use first data for our credit card recurring billing, how do we set that up?

A. You will need to have an SSL certificate installed to use First Data.  Once installed, the instructions for setting it up is:
  1. Login to First Data
  2. In the 'Support' drop down select 'Download Center'
  3. Click 'Download Now>>'
  4. Put your tax id and click the download button next to 'For Web Service'
  5. Open the zipped file and inside of it open the file that ends with .auth.text and you will see the username and password listed in it. If you are unable to open the zip file send it to our support department for installation.

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