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Added: 03/24/2014   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

Direct Payment VS One Payment to Admin

Direct Payment One Payment to Admin
Allows member to receive payments directly to their own payment processor (exa: Directly to their own PayPal) Admin collects all of the money and then manually sends payouts to members who have earned commission.
Only works with a Pro system Works with both Team and Pro systems
Payment buttons are setup as member variables Payment buttons are setup using the /admin/billing.php page
Members are able to mark that a payment has been received manually. Members can't mark that a payment has been received manually.
If sponsor didn't setup a payment button, it can be assigned to admin / or not showing the button at all One payment button installed in billing.php page for both admin and member
A new members signs up first, and then makes payment after signing up. It IS NOT possible to change this. A new member pays first, and signs up after payment. It IS possible to change this setting.
Supports only up to 2 tiers of commission (except for rollup payments which extend until complete). Supports an infinite number of tiers
You can only do one time or monthly payments. There is no support for quarterly or annual payments. Has 1Xpayment, monthly, Quarterly Payment, Biannual Payment and Annual Payment
With Direct Payment you are able to offer free trials ONLY Can offer both free and reduced rate trials (exa: You can say $1 for first week and then $20 a month after that)
Does NOT support all methods of payment (exa: Does not support Authorize.net). Supports all methods of payment (Authorize.net, SWREG, etc)

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