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Where in my admin does the software process the...

Added: 12/07/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Where in my admin does the software process the commissions and automatically pay them?

Answer    There is a report on the "Referral Program" page at the bottom of the page where you can see who has earned what and what payouts you need to make.
You need to manually do payouts.  For PayPal and Payza there is an export to CSV option which allows you to make all of the payouts at once.

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Q. Can I give some members some admin privileges?
Q. Would it be best to create a separate account for me to use or should I set up the admin account for my use just like any other member would do?

A. You should setup a separate account for you to use.  The admin account has several cases where it operates differently and is best not to use as a personal account.

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Q. When emails are sent or broadcasted to contacts from the admin account the reply to email is the referring members but is there a way for them to show the referring Members name and not the Admin name?

A. You can set sender email / Name by going to  Advanced Features 
Under email tab there are 2 fields to control it (Email From Email & Email From Name).

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Q. What does it mean when editing a membership if admin access is set to yes or no?

A. If admin access is set to yes, then members belonging to that membership are able to access all pages that an admin can access.

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Q. Does your software do comp/commissions calculations?

A. Yes, our software calculates and tracks commission.

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