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Can you upgrade my site to where sub-admins and...

Added: 05/28/2020   |   Updated: 8 Months Ago

Question   Can you upgrade my site to where sub-admins and/or php developers can easilly login in order to customize the site and plugins?

Answer    There are 2 ways we can do this:
1) Setting them up with an account and assigning them to you so they can access your sites, file manager, etc., but without having to use your login to Web Marketing Tool.  They wouldn't have FTP, but can still do everything through the file manager.  Also, we can give them phpMyAdmin database access.
2) Setting up the site on your dedicated server then we can give them sFTP and database, and not have them deal with Web Marketing Tool.  For a Dedicated Server we charge $245 for the installation, which includes everything needed, and does not use CPanel, Plesk or WHM.  You can add other sites to the server.  With a dedicated server the monthly member fees are the same, but we do not charge for emails or IP's and provide free SSL for the first site and cheaper for additional sites added ($5-$10).  Below is more info about dedicated servers:

Also, below is materials for the people working on the site:

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Q. Will I be able to change the background for my admin panel as well after my site is complete?

A. Yes, the entire members area is completely customizable and you can customize it at any time.

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Q. Does anything changes in the setup or coding of the pages when I change the pages, in ADMIN panel under ADVANCE SETTINGS, from Capture pages to Landing Pages?

A. Yes, things do change.  A landing page does not have the code for sending the form, so any forms on the page may not send and/or may not be setup properly if the page is not marked as a capture page.

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Q. How do I unlock the admin's account if it was locked from failed login attempts?

A. Site Reset Admin Login Icon

In the WMT Client Admin, on the page for your site, under the "Stats, SEO & Reset" tab then click "Reset Admin Login".

This resets the admin's failed login attempts and does not change the admin password.

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Q. Can I give some members some admin privileges?
Q. Can you set up a second administrator account for developers to work on your system?

A. Yes, WMT support creating sub-admin membership. also it allows applying access to specific pages / plugins for a member or a membership.

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Q. When emails are sent or broadcasted to contacts from the admin account the reply to email is the referring members but is there a way for them to show the referring Members name and not the Admin name?
Q. Would it be best to create a separate account for me to use or should I set up the admin account for my use just like any other member would do?
Q. What does it mean when editing a membership if admin access is set to yes or no?
Q. Where in my admin does the software process the commissions and automatically pay them?

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