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When adding a 3rd party autoresponder is the em...

Added: 02/19/2013   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   When adding a 3rd party autoresponder is the email confirmation automatically turned off?

Answer    When using a 3rd party autoresponder the notification would come from the 3rd party autoresponder, and not from the system, unless you have the feature turned on where it will add the contact to both your system and the 3rd party autoresponder.

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Q. When someone joins at yourdomain.com/join can I control the email that goes out to them?

A. Yes.

Autoresponder Emails

When logged in as the admin go to "Autoresponder Emails"

Edit Create New Account Email

Click "Edit Create New Account Email"

On that page you can edit the content of the email sent after a member creates an account at yoursite.com/join

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Q. How do I Approve a Task.

A. Go to the task that is awaiting approval, and you will find on the top right a green button saying "Complete". Click on it.

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Q. Is there a way to use a 3rd party autoresonder and still have the contacts tracked through your system?

A. Yes, there is a setting under advanced features to allow you to have your contacts added into both.

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Q. Can I integrate another auto-responder such as GVO instead of Aweber or GetResponse?

A. Yes, you can integrate Pure Leverage / GVO as well as most other autoresponders besides Aweber and Getresponse.  Both Pure Leverage and GVO (2 products from the same company) come installed as an option by default.  As of May 2016, 9 3rd party autoresponders come installed with the software, however, most any autoresponder can be added as a support request.  If you want GVO and your software is missing it then you can add it following the instructions for adding GVO.

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Q. When using a 3rd party autoresponder will the contacts appear in View Stats but not in View Contacts?

A. When using a 3rd party autoresponder the contacts will show in neither place.
The only thing that will show is page views for when the contact visits the page, but no conversion or optin stats.

However, if you turn on the setting to have the contact captured in both places (the 3rd party autoresponder AND your members area) then the stats will work.

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