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If I begin blasting an email to members, do I h...

Added: 01/05/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   If I begin blasting an email to members, do I have to remain logged in for the emails to be sent?

Answer    No, there is no need for you to stay logged in any longer for all the emails to be sent.  As long as you reached the page saying how many emails are in the que the que will process on it's own without you being logged in.

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Q. Can my members have their own personalized autoresponder emails?

A. It depends on the settings within your software. There is a setting in Advanced Features where you can choose to either let them write their own messages, or to not write their own message.

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Q. If I as admin send out an email broadcast to ALL (users) contacts will accounts flagged as "suspended" contacts get the email too? or just active accounts?

A. Yes, it can send emails to everyone including suspended members. There is an option where you can select if it should include suspended Members or not (and also an option to email only suspended Members).

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Q. How do I change who an email is sent from and the reply email when sending mail to members?

A. The emails sent by the admin to an Member will show the admin's name and email set under My Personal Info for the reply email.

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Q. How do I change broadcast feature where I can send out emails whenever i want vs. every 5 days?

A. Under Advanced Features in the Emails Settings section there is an option to edit it.

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Q. When someone joins at yourdomain.com/join can I control the email that goes out to them?

A. Yes.

Autoresponder Emails

When logged in as the admin go to "Autoresponder Emails"

Edit Create New Account Email

Click "Edit Create New Account Email"

On that page you can edit the content of the email sent after a member creates an account at yoursite.com/join

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Q. Is their a feature that allows me to reuse broadcast messages so I don't have to retype them each time?
Q. Is there a certain amount of emails each member's account can broadcast per day or week?
Q. How would I send out a broadcast message to contacts?
Q. Is there a way for me to see the amount of emails that have been sent out?

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