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If I as admin send out an email broadcast to AL...

Added: 09/21/2012   |   Updated: 4 Years Ago

Question   If I as admin send out an email broadcast to ALL (users) contacts will accounts flagged as "suspended" contacts get the email too? or just active accounts?

Answer    Yes, it can send emails to everyone including suspended members. There is an option where you can select if it should include suspended Members or not (and also an option to email only suspended Members).

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Q. If a member's subscription payment doesn't go through does it automatically suspend them?

A. It depends on the payment processor as some payment processors will retry the credit card on another date.  Once the payment processor stops retrying the card and the membership is cancelled in their system they send a notification to our software which suspends their account as if they had canceled.

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Q. When creating account (membership not free) is it suspended immediately after creating or after 24h?

A. A member is suspended when their payment is canceled.  Our software is notified by an IPN when a subscription is canceled and the member is suspended immediately.  There is a setting that can be turned on to have them suspended when their next payment would have been due, but by default this is turned off, and this should be used carefully because it will suspend anyone that doesn't have a payment record.

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Q. When using member variables if we suspend a member, does the system look for the next un-suspended member's variable upline?

A. No, member variables do not search upline if the parent is suspended, but instead shows the variable the parent has set, or the default if they do not have anything set.

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Q. What can cause a member to be suspended?

A. - Clicking suspend/activate link from /admin/members
- If direct payment is turned on there are several ways
- If "Cancel Subscription Action" is set to "suspend on the date the next payment would have been made" then it can do it if next bill date isn't in future
- If a payment fails or a subscription is canceled
- If you have authorize.net set to ARB

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Q. How do I change who an email is sent from and the reply email when sending mail to members?

A. The emails sent by the admin to an Member will show the admin's name and email set under My Personal Info for the reply email.

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