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Added: 06/13/2016   |   Updated: 4 Years Ago

Question   How do I setup PayPal IPN (instant payment notification)?

Answer    By default PayPal IPN is enabled.  It is only turned off if you have previously turned it off in your PayPal account.  You can verify it is off if there is no record in the access log when a PayPal payment is made.

To turn on the PayPal IPN follow the instructions below.

- Login to your paypal Business account
- Go to Profile -> My Selling Tools
- Select Instant Payment Notifications -> Update

- Click choose IPN settings

- Select receive IPN Messages and leave Notify URL empty then click save

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Q. How do I check if my paypal ipn (instant payment notification) is setup correctly?


STEP 1) Click Profile

STEP 2) Click Instant Payment Notification Preferences

STEP 3) Check Settings

If it is turned off that is ok. If it is on and it is enabled that is ok. If it is on and disabled that is not ok. If it is on it MUST be enabled and if disabled you will need to edit it to enable it.

STEP 4) Enable IPN (optional)

This is only needed if IPN is already turned on. If turned on and it is disabled you will need to enable it. The Notification URL is not important as we set it in the payment button. Just it needs to be enabled (or turned off) as if it is on and disabled then the URL we set inside the button won't work.

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Q. How do I setup paypal payment Data Transfer (PDT)?


PayPal PDT Setup

PayPal Payment Data Transfer (PDT) allows you to retrieve information about the payment made to PayPal on the signup page. What this does when turned on is it prefills the form on the signup page with information from the person's account in PayPal. This helps prevent the confusion where a member tries to signup using the wrong PayPal email.

PayPal My Selling Tools

Login to your Paypal account and go to Profile -> My Selling Tools

Click the Update link next to Website preferences

Turn on Payment Data Transfer PDT and copy the identity token

Paste the Identity Token value in Advanced Features in the PayPal Auth Key section under the Billing section.

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Q. Do you accept payment through any methods other than paypal?

A. Yes, we offer multiple payment processors
You can see available payment processors by going to

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Q. With direct payment if we do a monthly paypal subscription and the customer cancels will the software automatically suspend?

A. Yes, it will suspend them. We caution to be careful if you have more than 1 tier, or an admin payment because the person gets logged out when only 1 of their possible many subscriptions is canceled.

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Q. Where can a member setup their 3rd party autoresponder?

A. There are several ways that members can set their 3rd party autoresponder depending on how your software is setup and if they are doing setting it for their entire account or just for a specific page.

Enabling 3rd Party Autoresponders

In order for a member to be able to setup a 3rd party autoresponder the feature needs to be turned on under advanced features.  By default this is turned on when a system is first installed.  This setting is found in the Email tab and is titled "Allow 3rd Party Autoresponder".

Entire Account vs Specific Page

Specific Page - When settting it up for a specific page it is only setup for that specific page.  This setting overrides anything that is setup for the entire account.
Entire Account - When setting it for the entire account every page that does not have a 3rd party autoresponder setup will use this 3rd party autoresponder that is set for the entire account.

Where to add 3rd party autoresponder

Entire Account How To

There are 2 places where this option may exist.  Depending on how your software is configured it might be in both locations or it might be in one or the other location.  In both of these pages the 3rd party autoresponder by default appears in the same location on the right side.
Settings - On the settings page (/admin/settings) there maybe an option to edit the 3rd party autoresponder.
Profile - On the profile page (/admin/profile) there maybe an option to edit the 3rd party autoresponder.

Specific Page How To

If a member is able to edit a capture page then there also is an option while editing the page to setup a specific 3rd party autoresponder for that page.  There are 2 different places that this option might exist depending on if the form of the page is editable or not.
3rd Party AR for Non Editable Form

Non Editable Form - Any older page installed in the software before version 4.93 will not have an editable form.  Also, by default, any custom pages that you provide for us to install will not have an editable form.

3rd Party AR for Editable Form
Editable Form - Newer pages created using the page wizard have an editable form.  Also, our templates now have editable forms so newly purchased templates will have this feature.  To edit the 3rd party autoresponder either double click on the form or click on the edit icon that appears when you hover over the form.  After doing this buttons will appear.  Click on the button titled "Form Settings".  Then a section on the right side will appear which at the bottom of the section has the option for setting the 3rd part autoresponder.

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