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How do I setup a test account without someone h...

Added: 02/03/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do I setup a test account without someone having to pay?

Answer    When logged in as the admin go to create a Member.
Then, on the right side enter the email address of the Member you want to give the free account to.
It will send them an email inviting them to signup for free.

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Q. Can we offer a free trial?

A. Yes, you can setup a free trial when creating the billing option.

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Q. How do i set up a free membership with out affecting the paid memberships?

A. Create a membership then go back to edit it and select free when editing the membership.  Leave it as paid under advanced features and leave all other memberships as paid.

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Q. How do I setup a free account?

A. On the join page you will use the form on the right of the page to send an email to anyone you wish to give a free account. They will need to follow the link to activate their free account.

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Q. Is it possible to stop sending auto responders emails to free members I created?

A. Move them to a contact group that does not have any autoresponder messages assigned to it.

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Q. I gave someone a free account BUT every month it is suspended. What should I do?

A. There is a setting under advanced features where you can decide to have people either supended when they cancel their subscription, or to have it where it doesn't cancel it right away, but instead it cancels it when it is scheduled to end.  If it is set to to suspend when their susbscription would have ended, instead of instantly, then what happens is anyone without a payment will be suspended.  You would have to manually add a payment for the member to prevent them from being suspended.

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Q. How can I prevent anyone from creating an account in my software without my approval; and at the same time allow others to join for free?
Q. How do you replicate websites automatically?
Q. Where is our replicated webpage that people will be able to join our program located at?

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