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Q. In a trial period is the commission applied?

A. Commission is applied off of all payments received.  Commissions are a percentage.  So, if the trial is a free trial, then there is no commission.  However, if the trial is a small amount (like $1 trial for 3 days), then the commission is applied as a percentage of the amount of the trial payment.  So, in our $1 trial example, if the commission is 20%, then the commission amount from the trial would be $0.20.

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Q. When using Direct Payment, how can a sponsor manually mark someone in their downline as paid?

A. An Member can mark someone that owes them a payment by going to the graphical lineage report.
On the graphical lineage report Members who have not paid will appear red.

Click on the red icon and then on the next page you will see a link on the right side where it says how much the Members owes you.
You can click on that link and then manually enter the payment amount you've received.
After you have completed this and marked an Member in your downline as paid they will still show as red as if they hadn't paid.

Also, in the view Members report they will still show as suspended.
The next time they attempt to login it will see that they are marked as paid and will change their status from suspended to active.

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Q. I would like the first 5 referrals/leads that sign up through a members capture page, be passed up to their sponsors email list. similar to a 2up. Can your software already do this?

A. Yes, you can passup the first 5 that signup without any custom programming. 

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Q. With direct payment if we do a monthly PayPal subscription and the customer cancels will the software automatically suspend?

A. Yes, it will suspend them. We caution to be careful if you have more than 1 tier, or an admin payment because the person gets logged out when only 1 of their possible many subscriptions is canceled.

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Q. Is the paypal commission payout automatic?

A. No, the commission is not distributed automaticly.
However, there is an export to csv report that can be used to create a file that can be imported into PayPal to pay everyone at once.
This report is at the bottom of the "Referral Marketing" page  when logged in as the admin.

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Q. With Direct Payment where would the sponsor go to mark people as paid?
Q. How do I turn off the graphical lineage report and instead show the table report?
Q. Where can I get more information on reverse 2up and how to set it up?
Q. What is a original parent bonus?
Q. Where in my admin does the software process the commissions and automatically pay them?
Q. Does your software track levels of commission like MLM if so how many levels?
Q. How do I setup the reverse 2up passup plan?
Q. Is Solid Trust Pay supported when using direct payment?
Q. In the genealogy list will there be a different color for third and fourth level similar to how the second level is yellow?
Q. With Direct Payment is it possible to allow Members to pay first then after payment create their account?
Q. With Direct Payment is it possible to collect name and email only and have them create account with name, address etc in (my personal info) after they are inside?
Q. With Reverse 2-UP if a Member B has only passed one to his upline A AND B has already brought in 3 (haven't passed 4th yet), if their downline C passes up one to them will it pass up to A or will it go to B?
Q. Can new downline notification, new commission notification, and test payments be on? They are all turned off. Will changing to on mess anything up?
Q. Do you accept payment through any methods other than paypal?
Q. In the genealogy report what does this mean:
*Member MUST Qualify*
*Member NOT REQUIRED To Qualify*

Q. With Direct Payment when the "RollUp Payments" is set to "On, (Members cannot receive more than their membership level)", how does that work?
Q. Is there anyway to tie together sending a payment and payment being marked as paid?
Q. How does commission work?
Q. Can Members see there downline in the Member Area ?
Q. Inside the advanced features it says we can turn on commission notifications. Where can I edit/see the notification letter first?
Q. What is the difference between parent and original parent?
Q. Does your pro software support the unilevel marketing system ?
Q. With Authorize.net and First Data, when a person's card is declined for a one time payment, is an email sent out to let them know their card was declined with instructions on how to resubmit payment?
Q. How do I add a SolidTrust Pay button with direct payment turned on?
Q. Does your software do commission/compensation tracking?
a. Does your software do auto payment distribution to Members in the Member Area?

Q. How can Members add their Paypal email address to the software in order to get paid?
Q. When using Direct Payment, if I add a new membership how can I add an option for visitors to order it?
Q. If I have members then I changed the tracking type from regular to 2UP+5UP will it recreate the lineage tree for existing members?
Q. Can a commission notification email be sent when a member makes a sale?
Q. Will your commission tracking addon work with a unilevel compensation plan.
Q. Can external billing work with commission tracking plugin?
Q. Is it possible to integrate the system with the JVZoo payment portal?

Q. Can a spillover system be added to the one up plan?
Q. Can Reverse 2up be customized?
Passing 1 up to the Admin and 1 up to sponsor, keeps 2. Limiting sponsorship to 4 x 4 batches to cycle out.

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