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If I have members then I changed the tracking t...

Added: 06/17/2013   |   Updated: 8 Years Ago

Question   If I have members then I changed the tracking type from regular to 2UP+5UP will it recreate the lineage tree for existing members?

Answer    It will use the passup tree, but all existing members would be structured like regular and would look like regular (no one would have any passups).  Then, moving forward as people signup it will try to force people to get their missing passups.

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Q. How do I setup the reverse 2up passup plan?

A. To setup reverse 2up tracking:

1. Login to admin account
2. Go to Manage Billing -> Edit Billing
3- Click Add a Pass up button to setup custom compensation plan

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Q. With Reverse 2-UP if a Member B has only passed one to his upline A AND B has already brought in 3 (haven't passed 4th yet), if their downline C passes up one to them will it pass up to A or will it go to B?

A. B would still receive the passup from C as long as his account hasn't been suspended, even though he has not yet given his 2nd passup to fully complete his 2-UP qualification.  The next person that B personally refers would be passed up to A.

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Q. Where can I get more information on reverse 2up and how to set it up?

A. Reverse 2-UP - Every Members must pass up the second and fourth person they refer to their sponsor.  Example: Member A refers Members B, C, D, E and F in that order.  B is kept by AC is passed up to A's sponsor.  D is kept by A.  E is passed up to A's sponsor.  F is kept by A and anyone that signs up after F is also kept by A.

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Q. Is there a monthly cost for renting the system or is it a one off payment? What options do I have I would like to market a health product and use this 2up system.

A. Yes, it is $20/mo plus $0.01/mo for each free member and $0.20/mo for paid members.

Yes, you can use our software for a health product offering a 2up passup plan.  You would need at least the Toolbox, Billing tool and Commission Tracking tool ($350 minimum, which is for 1 membership, and just the necessary tools for a 2up).  For first time clients doing something basic we recommend budgeting an additional $50 for support requests for us to help you get started and set everything up.

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