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Q. what is a video squeeze page?

A. A capture page with a video on it.

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Q. How do I assign a page to a content group?

A. Edit Pages

Login as the admin and go to "Edit Pages"

Edit the page

Click the first edit icon to edit the page (admin mode)

Select content group

Select a content group then click the "Add to Group" button

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Q. Can I use my existing capture page?

A. Yes. We can install your existing capture page or capture pages designed by other designers into our software.

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Q. Can I have unlimited members?

A. Yes. With the membership software there is no limit on the amount of members you can have.

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Q. How do you replicate websites automatically?

A. Our replication process works with the following steps:
  1. A member pays you (the owner of the system) directly to your PayPal, Authorize.net or some other account (skip this step if are giving away free accounts).
  2. Once payment is made, the member is taken to a page to join using the same email they used to pay with.  If the software is free, then anyone can join without first making payment.
  3. Once they have joined, they are then setup with their own replicated webpage(s), and are able to login to the members area to manage their contacts and their settings.

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Q. What countries can members receive text messages (sms) in?
Q. How do I upload a new thumbnail for a page?
Q. What is the maximum number of capture pages I am allowed to create?
Q. Does SMS notifications work with the software and how does it to work?
Q. Why are my contacts going into the inactive folder and is it possible to stop this?
Q. Is it possible to edit the getting started guide?
Q. How do I assign a capture page to a series of autoresponder messages (a contact group)?
Q. On the join page how do I remove the redirect url?
Q. How do I assign a resource page to a membership?
Q. What can cause a contact NOT to show that they've opened an email?
Q. Is there a way to only give members access to edit the Basic Settings, but not the Advanced Settings?
Q. How do I change my primary capture page?
Q. How do I add/change the thumbnails that appears for the capture pages?
Q. Why are inactive contacts not listed with other contacts?
Q. What is the tag to display a member's sponsors' photo?
Q. Can I import my existing contacts or purchased contacts into your software?
Q. Can a privacy policy be added to the capture page below the footer?
Q. How do we DELETE test member accounts?
Q. What is the instant message I see on the View Contact Page?
Q. Do you have capture pages that we can add video to?
Q. Can members use a masked url?
Q. How do I reset a member's password?
Q. How do I add an edit box for members variable (for members to put their own value) to a resource page?
Q. Can I add content under my landing page, instead of just the video there now?
Q. How can I add a link to a landing page that goes to a separate site (exa: affiliate program) and have a different link for each member?
Q. How can I see the amount of hits a member is receiving without having to login to their statistics individually?
Q. Is there a limit to the number of Contacts "I" (admin) can upload in one file?
Q. When I create a new membership where does the option to buy it show up?
Q. As I create additional pages and resource pages under that membership will it automatically show up under that piggyback URL?
Q. I added new capture pages and they are not in the WYSIWYG editor. How do I make the entire page 100% editable?
Q. How would I setup an editable about me section on my web pages using member variables?
Q. How do I import Contacts?
Q. Where do I edit the new Member welcome email?
Q. On the "Members page" we can "activate" them. What does it mean to "activate" them?
Q. How do I allow members to import contacts?
Q. How can I change the page a member is taken to when they first login?
Q. Do you have capture pages that are customizable?
Q. Where do I go to link my capture page to my website?
Q. Can audio or video be added to my pages?
Q. Can I have multiple capture pages?
Q. Can you setup replicating websites?
Q. Can you integrate your capture page software into my existing website or script?
Q. Can I use websites designed with word press with your platform? And what other design options are available?

Q. I have 6 capture pages and want each to redirect to a specific landing page without having the new member to have to fill in the redirect in the personal info page. How do I do this?
Q. What site will my capture page be located on?
Q. How do I send you my landing page that I had designed for me?
Q. I want to create a variable for member's Facebook page where the variable links to a Facebook button that I will design on a capture page - how do I link the variable to the button?
Q. What's the meaning of the different colored flags?
Q. If I have several membership types and they are free, how I can have it so a member is put into that membership when they join?
Q. What does it mean when editing a membership if visible is set to yes or no?
Q. What does it mean when editing a membership if admin access is set to yes or no?
Q. When using a 3rd Party Autoresponder will the contacts appear in View Stats but not in View Contacts?
Q. What is the best way to setup where once a sponsor pays for each level, they can download their products for that specific level, while keeping the sponsor from having access to higher level products?
Q. In the genealogy list will there be a different color for third and fourth level similar to how the second level is yellow?
Q. How do I change the content of a capture page and/or setup a redirect?

Q. How can I prevent anyone from creating an account in my software without my approval; and at the same time allow others to join for free?
Q. Can I change the filenames of my current capture/landing pages that are already installed?
Q. How do I control what capture pages, banners, and autoresponders that a membership has access to?
Q. Is the rotator based on optins or on traffic?
Q. How do my members refer people to the software?
Q. If someone wanted to make their own capture page to tie into the software, what is the autoresponder code for them to use?
Q. What happens if I have a Member with the username TEMP and I change it?
Q. What's the login URL for a new Member for yoursystemnamehere.com?
Q. A member is saying their login is not working and when they click on the link to reset it, it says the link is no longer valid. Why?
Q. Is it possible to edit the username portion of the url: domainname.com/username?

Q. Under what circumstances would contacts have a score of 0?
Q. How do I set a banner to a specific content group (Exa: MBA Invite)? Where do I go to see the banner inside the content group once it has been added?
Q. How many contacts can come in the software per a day?
Q. Is it possible to copy our current database of members from one software to another?
Q. In the "Pages" section, what is the "My Pages" button for that appears in the top right?
Q. How do I login as a member?
Q. What is the name of the create account page and how do I change it?
Q. Would it be best to create a separate account for me to use or should I set up the admin account for my use just like any other member would do?
Q. How may capture pages can I have with the Pro Software?
Q. Can you explain my options if I wanted to allow Members to choose between 2 different landing pages?
Q. How do i set up a free membership with out affecting the paid memberships?
Q. Do you supply contacts to my website to make sales, and how much does it cost?
Q. How do I fix a member that has the username of TEMP987?
Q. Can your company design my capture page according to my specific business, product, or service?
Q. Is there a cost for adding additional blank capture pages to my existing software?

Q. Can I setup multiple capture pages at one time for all my Members, and can I pay you to do it for me if I want?
Q. If I have webpages built in WordPress, can they be installed into my software onto your server?
Q. How can I set it up so Member can select the redirect page?
Q. What is the difference between parent and original parent?
Q. How many emails can my members send a month/day and how many emails can i send a month/day?
Q. Does anything changes in the setup or coding of the pages when I change the pages, in ADMIN panel under ADVANCE SETTINGS, from Capture pages to Landing Pages?
Q. Can I edit resource pages in the back office using a WYSIWYG editor, or is that only possible in the file manager?
Q. How do I manually mark a member as paid (when paying by cash/check, or giving a free month)?

Q. How we can see if our members have logged in or not?
Q. Is there a way to make it so if some one joins program A their software will be setup for program A and If some one joins program B their software will be set for program B?
Q. I am getting an error when trying to upload thumbnails to my capture pages Error 2: images/pages/2.jpg, what does this mean and how can I correct it?
Q. Our capture page does not ask for phone number. However some of the contacts have phone numbers included in their records. How is that possible?
Q. What is the HTML form code button in the members area for?
Q. How do we make some of our pages editable by members and other pages not editable by members?
Q. Can the file name be changed in the edit page section?
Q. With the system I purchased can I have unlimited replicated URL's for each of my Members, or am I restricted to just (1) replicated URL per Member?
Q. Do I need the editable pages plugin to edit my capture pages, I do not want my Members to edit the capture pages?
Q. How do I set the software so that access to the Member Area is not given until after payment is received?
Q. How can I import contacts into a member's account into a specific autoresponder series (contact group)?
Q. What functionality is lost if I turn off cookie tracking?
Q. How do I unlock a member's account after they have unsuccessfully tried to login several times and locked their account?
Q. Does your software do automatic website replication upon new user signup?
Q. I logged in to my site as the admin and I edited the AR messages but when a visitor fills out the capture page form it still sends the old AR message. Why is this and how do I fix?
Q. What's the URL for memebers to join my website?
Q. When a member purchases a new membership will everything be in the same members area or will it be separate like they have two member areas?
Q. As part of each Members 'Member Area' do they have access to view their progress, reports and status of their organization?
Q. Is there any documentation on how to add more capture pages ourselves?
Q. Is there an export function that is easily exported to CSV?
Q. We created a new membership. Will it also have a whole new members area with a getting started page?
Q. Is there an import function that is easily map-able from a CSV file?
Q. Is there a members area page where members can manually add contacts?
Q. Does the software have the capability of rotating contacts to specific memberships/members?
Q. Is a Contact Group the same thing as Trackings?
Q. Can Members add, delete, and rename the contact groups?
Q. Can members capture contacts using their capture page and store them under a particular contact group?
Q. When using Direct Payment, if I add a new membership how can I add an option for visitors to order it?
Q. How do I change the url a person is taken to after they fill out the form on the contact us page?
Q. Can I upload email adresses into the software and send email, and how many emails does it send?
Q. What is the php code or WYSIWYG code that I can copy/paste to insert member's profile image (avatar) into a page?
Q. Can dynamic code make it so that when a contact enters their information on the capture page, then the next page displays their name (exa: Congratulations John)?
Q. Are the contacts stacked in order of when they come in?
Q. What is an active/converted contact vs. any other?
Q. How do I modify the email that is sent notifying a member that a member joined under them to include the name, phone, and email?
Q. I need my members to be able to populate 5 buttons with own unique links. How can I best do that?
Q. Can I use your software if I already have my capture page complete without using your templates?
Q. If I purchase 4 different capture pages would each page have it's own unique url in order to use all 4 at the same time or are members restricted to only 1 url at a time?
Q. How can I choose different capture page templates? Also, can I have more than one capture page running at a time?
Q. Is there a way to show more than 50 Contacts per page?
Q. How do I setup the proper redirect url after opt in?
Q. What does group content mean?
Q. Why are the contacts from my main capture page going to one of my members?
Q. How do I edit the calendar notification messages?
Q. How do I add a member's picture and info on a page similar to the landing page?
Q. How many contact groups can a member have?
Q. In the genealogy report what does this mean:
*Member MUST Qualify*
*Member NOT REQUIRED To Qualify*

Q. Can I create my own forms like I can with Aweber, or do you have to create the capture page too?
Q. Is it possible for a member to use their ID# instead of their username?
Q. When I login as an admin I can't save any changes to my profile (my personal info). What is the issue?
Q. What's contact score?
Q. Where can we set contact score settings?
Q. What are actions that can be tracked and added as contact score?
Q. How do we setup an sms notification once a contact reaches a specific contact score?
Q. How do I make it so that after they put in their referral id number, and it shows up on their landing page links they get credit from the parent offer they will be promoting?
Q. How do I add an image CAPTCHA verification to a capture page?
Q. How can I change the filename of a landing/capture page myself?
Q. How many "programs" or opportunities can you promote in one system?
Q. How can I limit the amount of contacts a member can add a day?
Q. I have optimizepress and would like to know if i can design a capture page and have all of my members use that capture page when they join through my website?
Q. I need to delete more than one member at a time, about a thousand. How can this be done quickly.
Q. If a person wants to add their opt-in form to a 3rd party website where do they get the HTML form code.
Q. On the profile page (/admin/profile) how do I change the page it redirects to making it another page?
Q. Is there a downline builder included, where members can add their own affiliate link, so that the people they sponsor see and sign up through their link? And so down the line. For instance for mailers of traffic exchanges, or any other MLM or affiliate program?
Q. How can I reactivate inactive contacts.
Q. Is there a way to track and continue to score what new members do after they join?
Q. Where can I change the Members Spotlight?
Q. When a member's account is deleted does the contacts inside his/her account move up to the member's sponsor?
Q. How does the text feature under "Send Members a Text Message" work?

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