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Why are the contacts from my main capture page ...

Added: 02/24/2013   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Why are the contacts from my main capture page going to one of my members?

Answer    Cookie tracking sets it up so that if an contact visits the home page OR enters a bad username OR visits the admin's page, that it will check if a cookie exists from them visiting an member site in the past.  If the cookie exists (meaning they've previously seen an member page), then it will redirect them to the member primary capture page.
If you turn off cookie tracking then this will not occur.

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Q. Can Members add, delete, and rename the contact groups?

Members can manage their own contact groups in the Pro System only.

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Q. Are the contacts stacked in order of when they come in?

A. By default, contacts are ordered by the date they came in with the newest contacts at the top and the oldest contacts at the bottom.

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Q. Can I setup multiple capture pages at one time for all my Members, and can I pay you to do it for me if I want?

A. Yes, you can setup multiple capture pages for your Members to use at the same time.
Yes, we can install/setup the pages for you if you want.

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Q. Can a privacy policy be added to the capture page below the footer?

A. Yes, we can add a privacy policy to the footer as a specials support request.

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Q. I am getting an error when trying to upload thumbnails to my capture pages Error 2: images/pages/2.jpg, what does this mean and how can I correct it?

A. I believe your problem is the image you are uploading is not jpg (must be jpg, can't use png).  If that isn't the issue, if you can forward us the file and we'll upload for you and see/fix the issue (could be invalid mime type of some issue with the file itself).

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Q. On my capture page when I click in the steps or try to come out of the page, there is a pop up asking me if I am sure I want to leave the page. How can I remove this feature?
Q. When I upload a banner under "Manage Banners" will the banner automatically have code to go to the member's replicated site?
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Example: I have 3 lists collecting contacts with 3 capture pages for 3 different businesses.

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Q. Why don't my members have the option to select a 3rd party autoresponder in their members area?
Q. Do I need the editable pages plugin to edit my capture pages, I do not want my Members to edit the capture pages?

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