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Can Members add, delete, and rename the contact...

Added: 02/19/2013   |   Updated: 8 Years Ago

Question   Can Members add, delete, and rename the contact groups?

Members can manage their own contact groups in the Pro System only.

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Q. Why are my contacts going into the inactive folder and is it possible to stop this?


Contacts are automatically inactivated if an email that is sent to the contact bounces back as undeliverable.  It is not possible to prevent contacts from going inactive when their email bounces back as undeliverable.

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Q. Is there a way to automatically switch contact groups based on actions?
Contact A is input to contact group 1. If contact A logs in they are switched to contact group 2, etc?

A. Yes.  You can do that with password protected pages and also delayed action.  Both features exist while editing the page.  For password protected pages they are assigned to the new group simply by visiting the page.  For delayed action they are transferred to the new groujp after they have viewed the page for X amount of seconds.

Also, you can setup an optin form and then have it so when they fill out the form they are added or transferred to a new contact group (the form fields can be hidden and pre-filled and then just show the button).

Also, there is an API that can be used to simply create custom situations where a contact is automatically assigned to a new group.  You can view the technical details for the API under our API documentation or you can create a support request to have us do it for you.

Also, several of our tools include the ability to change contact group based off an action in the tool (exa: Taking a survey with the survey tool).  Anytime this option exists a drop down will appear where you can define if and if so what contact group the contact should be assigned to.

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Q. Why are the contacts from my main capture page going to one of my members?

A. Cookie tracking sets it up so that if an contact visits the home page OR enters a bad username OR visits the admin's page, that it will check if a cookie exists from them visiting an member site in the past.  If the cookie exists (meaning they've previously seen an member page), then it will redirect them to the member primary capture page.
If you turn off cookie tracking then this will not occur.

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Q. Is a contact group the same thing as Trackings?

No, they are 2 separate things.

Setting up a contact group allows you to group your contacts by specific criteria. IE: active contacts, inactive contacts, etc. You can assign each contact group specific autoresponders, and even specific capture pages.

Trackings are created to track where contacts came from IE: facebook, or a specific capture page.

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Q. How many contact groups can a member have?

A. There is no limit to the amount of contact groups members can have.

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