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How do I edit the email sent after double opt-i...

Added: 02/14/2013   |   Updated: 9 Years Ago

Question   How do I edit the email sent after double opt-in confirmation?

Answer    To edit the default message go to Edit Messages and at the bottom edit:
Confirm Your Email (Double-Optin) Email

Also, when editing a contact group there is the option to add/edit a specific message for that group.

When using double optin, the instant message is sent when a person clicks the confirmation link in the email that is sent.

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Q. How do I turn on double opt-in emails?

A. 1- Go to advanced features

2- click on the email tabe, and change double optin to yes.

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Q. Where do I edit the new Member welcome email?

A. When logged in as the admin go to "Autoresponder Emails" then at the bottom click on "Create New Account Email".

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Q. How can I create an email like sales@domainname.com?

A. In the WMT Client Admin, under your site, under the site tab, there is an email tab where you can add emails at.
Also, every Member in your software has an email created that forwards to the email they put under My Personal Info.
So, if you create an Member with a username of "sales" then it will also create an email for you.

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Q. How do I change who an email is sent from and the reply email when sending mail to members?

A. The emails sent by the admin to an Member will show the admin's name and email set under My Personal Info for the reply email.

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Q. How do I modify the email that is sent notifying a member that a member joined under them to include the name, phone, and email?

A. Autoresponder Emails

1. When logged in as the admin go to "Autoresponder Emails".

New Member Notification Email

2. Towards the bottom of the page click the "New Member Notification To Sponsor Email" link.

3. Put the following codes where you want each of the values to display:
    • ~fname~ = First Name
    • ~lname~ = Last Name
    • ~phone~ = Phone
    • ~email~ = Email

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Q. How do I change the initial email that goes out when someone makes an account with us?
Q. In "advanced features" --> "email technical" --> no-reply@domainname.com - How do I access those emails?
Q. If a person wants to add their opt-in form to a 3rd party website where do they get the HTML form code.

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