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Is there a way to track and score when someone ...

Added: 05/04/2016   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   Is there a way to track and score when someone finishes watching a video?

Answer    If in the editor the video is setup as a video (not WYSIWYG but the option that is specifically for videos) AND if an mp4/flv video is used then it tracks the percentage of the video watched and adds it to the scoreboard.  You can edit the amount of score awarded for watching a video under advanced features.

An alternative way to do this is to setup a delayed action when editing the page.  When doing a delayed action you specify an amount of seconds the person has to stay on the page and then once the time has passed something happens (like they have points added to their score, or their contact group changes).

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Q. Under what circumstances would contacts have a score of 0?

A. If they visit the capture page, optin in, and then are redirected to another website and never return to the original website and never open any of the messages, then they would have a score of 0.

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Q. Which editable sections allow the video to be tracked?

A. In order for a video to track how much is being viewed it must be added as an editable Video section when installing the page.  Then, when adding the video it must be the mp4 option that is used (not the YouTube or Embed option).

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Q. What video formats support video tracking statistics?

A. MP4 & FLV

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Q. What's contact score?

A. The score as an indicator to how active the contact is.

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Q. Where can we set contact score settings?

A. From advanced features page

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Q. What are actions that can be tracked and added as contact score?
Q. How do we setup an sms notification once a contact reaches a specific contact score?
Q. Is there a way to track and continue to score what new members do after they join?
Q. I see where I can give points for watching a video but where do I see how much of the video was watched if they did not watch the full video?

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