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How many contact groups can a member have?

Added: 02/19/2013   |   Updated: 8 Years Ago

Question   How many contact groups can a member have?

Answer    There is no limit to the amount of contact groups members can have.

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Q. Can members capture contacts using their capture page and store them under a particular contact group?

A. Yes, members can have capture pages add contacts into a specific contact group.  Also, they can transfer contacts betwen contact groups.

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Q. How can I limit the amount of contacts a member can add a day?

A. Go to advanced features - under misc tab you will find something called "Manually Adding Contacts" ,this is where you can control how many contacts your members are allowed to add.

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Q. Can Members add, delete, and rename the contact groups?

Members can manage their own contact groups in the Pro System only.

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Q. Is a contact group the same thing as Trackings?

No, they are 2 separate things.

Setting up a contact group allows you to group your contacts by specific criteria. IE: active contacts, inactive contacts, etc. You can assign each contact group specific autoresponders, and even specific capture pages.

Trackings are created to track where contacts came from IE: facebook, or a specific capture page.

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Q. how many contacts can come in the software per a day?

There is NO LIMIT on the number of contacts that can come into the software.
You can set a limit on the the number of emails that can be sent per day.

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Q. Is there a way to automatically switch contact groups based on actions?
Contact A is input to contact group 1. If contact A logs in they are switched to contact group 2, etc?

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