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I need to delete more than one member at a time...

Added: 09/03/2013   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   I need to delete more than one member at a time, about a thousand. How can this be done quickly.

Answer    On the account home page , you will find on the right the "members" box, containing severl links , there is a link there named "delete members", it will take you to a page to delete the members you want

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Q. How do we DELETE test member accounts?

A. When logged in as the admin there is an option to delete members on the members page (/admin/members) if doing 1 at a time or in the delete members page (/admin/membersdelete) to delete many at a time.

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Q. When a member's account is deleted does the contacts inside his/her account move up to the member's sponsor?

A. No, any contacts in his account would be deleted.

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Q. How do I change the page that is a new member's default primary page to be something other than what I have set under advanced features?

A. Changing the redirect per a membership can be done by creating a separate join page in the file manager for each membership (exa: /uploads/adminpages/join3.html), and having the join page have a hidden field named "capturepage" and set it's value to the filename of the default page for that membership.

For example if you want to make the following page the default capture page:

You would use the following code:
<input type="hidden" name="capturepage" value="page/11">
(remember that webmarketing is the username of the member who the page above belongs to.  The username should be removed as shown)

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