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How do we DELETE test member accounts?

Added: 02/14/2012   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

Question   How do we DELETE test member accounts?

Answer    When logged in as the admin there is an option to delete members on the members page (/admin/members) if doing 1 at a time or in the delete members page (/admin/membersdelete) to delete many at a time.

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Q. I need to delete more than one member at a time, about a thousand. How can this be done quickly.

A. On the account home page , you will find on the right the "members" box, containing severl links , there is a link there named "delete members", it will take you to a page to delete the members you want

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Q. When a member's account is deleted does the contacts inside his/her account move up to the member's sponsor?

A. No, any contacts in his account would be deleted.

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