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A member is saying their login is not working a...

Added: 03/21/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   A member is saying their login is not working and when they click on the link to reset it, it says the link is no longer valid. Why?

Answer    The password reset link is only valid for the same day it was sent.
They would need to go to the forgotten password page and request to reset their password again.
Let us know if you have issues with links sent the same day and if possible provide the link being used.

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Q. Is there a way to tell when Members log into the software? Specifically for someone who says they never got access?

A. Yes, go to "View Members" and click the "view" buton next to the Member and there is a section at the bottom of the popup that will appear showing the login history.

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Q. Is it possible for a member to use their ID# instead of their username?

A. Yes, it is possible.

In every url change the ?user=USERNAME to ?id=ID.

The letters in ALL CAPS are what you replace with the Member's actual values. 

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Q. How do I login as a member?

A. View Members Page

When logged in as the admin go to "Members" (/admin/members).

Members Login Button There it will show you a list of all your Members, and there is a login link in actions dropdown.

Click on the login link to login as that Member.

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Q. How we can see if our members have logged in or not?

A. In the members page click on the view button and a popup will appear.  In the bottom of the popup it will show a history of everytime someone has logged in and what IP they logged in with.

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Q. How do I unlock the admin's account if it was locked from failed login attempts?

A. Site Reset Admin Login Icon

In the WMT Client Admin, on the page for your site, under the "Stats, SEO & Reset" tab then click "Reset Admin Login".

This resets the admin's failed login attempts and does not change the admin password.

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Q. How do I reset a member's "Failed logins"?
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Q. What's the login URL for a new Member for yoursystemnamehere.com?
Q. How can I see the amount of hits a member is receiving without having to login to their statistics individually?
Q. How do I reset a member's password?

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