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In the "Pages" section, what is the "My Pages" ...

Added: 08/27/2012   |   Updated: 8 Months Ago

Question   In the "Pages" section, what is the "My Pages" button for that appears in the top right?

Answer    The "My Pages" button only shows on a Pro Software when logged in as a Member.
The button shows all of the pages that the Member has saved changes to (including all duplicates created by the Member).

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Q. What site will my capture page be located on?

A. The capture page would live on our site, webmarketingtool.com.  When you join you select a username, and your page would be based off your username.  For example, if the username you choose is successathome, then your page would be webmarketingtool.com/successathome.  If you purchase a domain name through a company like GoDaddy.com, then we can have the site setup on your domain.

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Q. Do I need the editable pages plugin to edit my capture pages, I do not want my Members to edit the capture pages?

A. No.  You only need that plugin if you want your Members to be able to edit and or modify the pages.

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Q. Can your company design my capture page according to my specific business, product, or service?

A. Yes, we do offer custom capture page designs.

We would design the capture page to market your specific buisness, product, and service.
Our software is also customizable, using a support request and upgrade request process to enable you to better market your specific business, product, and service.

For more details and to view Price-List < Click here >

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Q. Where do I go to link my capture page to my website?

A. If you want to redirect your capture page into your website, you can do it under your personal info. Fill out the redirect url, and all your contacts will be redirected to that url after they have filled out the form on your capture pages. If you want to put a specific redirect url to a specific page, go to edit pages, click the thumbnail of the page you wish to edit, and on the upper portion of editing the page, fill out the redirect url and it will redirect that specific page to that specific url.

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Q. Can I use your software if I already have my capture page complete without using your templates?

A. Yes, you can use our software with your existing design.

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Q. I am getting an error when trying to upload thumbnails to my capture pages Error 2: images/pages/2.jpg, what does this mean and how can I correct it?
Q. On my capture page when I click in the steps or try to come out of the page, there is a pop up asking me if I am sure I want to leave the page. How can I remove this feature?

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