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On the "Members page" we can "activate" them. W...

Added: 03/07/2013   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   On the "Members page" we can "activate" them. What does it mean to "activate" them?

Answer    Active means they are not suspended.  If suspended, then they are not able to login and their capture page redirects to the admin's page.

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Q. How do I activate Live Chat in the Member Area ?

1- go to 'Advanced Features' and make sure that the 'Live Chat' is set on: 'ON'.
2- go to 'Edit Pages' .. choose the page that you want the live chat on it . 
3- go to 'Advanced Settings' .. mark the live chat option on. 
4- go to Live Chat button on your Member Area page ... And start chating.

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Q. How can I reactivate inactive contacts.

A. To protect contacts that have requested to have the account inactive there is no way to reactivate them.  The only way is for the contact to reactivate themselves by either using their password or by using an IP that they previously used.  The other option is we can reactivate them for you through the database.

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Q. Why are my contacts going into the inactive folder and is it possible to stop this?


Contacts are automatically inactivated if an email that is sent to the contact bounces back as undeliverable.  It is not possible to prevent contacts from going inactive when their email bounces back as undeliverable.

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Q. What can cause a member to be suspended?

A. - Clicking suspend/activate link from /admin/members
- If direct payment is turned on there are several ways
- If "Cancel Subscription Action" is set to "suspend on the date the next payment would have been made" then it can do it if next bill date isn't in future
- If a payment fails or a subscription is canceled
- If you have authorize.net set to ARB

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Q. In "advanced features" --> "email technical" --> no-reply@domainname.com - How do I access those emails?

A. In WMT Client Admin, under your site, under the site tab there is an email tab that shows login details for emails.
However, the no-reply email is controlled by our software because the software removes emails that bounce
(it inactivates the contacts if their email bounces).

NOTE: Best not to delete emails sent to no-reply@

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Q. How do I setup a free account?
Q. If a member upgrades or downgrades, how can they keep their account without starting over?

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