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Is there a way to show more than 50 Contacts pe...

Added: 04/17/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Is there a way to show more than 50 Contacts per page?

Answer    NO, currently it is not possible to modify it to show more or less than 50 contacts per a page.
It is possible to put in an upgrade request to have this feature added in our next upgrade.

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Q. What is the instant message I see on the view contact Page?

A. The instant message check box at the bottom of the View Contacts page is to transfer a contact using the button below it.  If this box is checked, and if the contact group the contact is being transfered to has an instant message, the contact will be sent the instant message.  Otherwise, the contact will not be sent an instant message when being transfered.

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Q. When using a 3rd Party Autoresponder will the contacts appear in View Stats but not in view contacts?

A. When using a 3rd party autoresponder the contacts will show in neither place.
The only thing that will show is page views for when the contact visits the page, but no conversion or optin stats.

However, if you turn on the setting to have the contact captured in both places (the 3rd party autoresponder AND your members area) then the stats will work.

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Q. How can I find the password for a contact?

A. Go to View Contacts,

Then click on the edit icon under actions dropdown next to the contact you want to find the password for. 

The password will appear as one of the values when editing the Contact.

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