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With the Replicating PDF does this mean that in...

Added: 02/19/2013   |   Updated: 7 Years Ago

Question   With the Replicating PDF does this mean that in the PDF report that I want to use this with that we will be able to place the each members unique sales page URL link (clickable) into the pdf?

Answer    Yes, with the replicating PDF we can setup the URLs inside the PDF to have the members details inside of the url and for the url to be clickable.

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Q. What is an example of the php code to use to add a new replicating pdf file?



This example is showing how to create a replicating PDF using replicating PDF objects.

PHP code

The example is from within / (the main/root folder):

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Q. How long does it take to make modifications to a replicating (branded) pdf?

A. The amount of time it takes to modify a replicating PDF varies depending on what type of changes we are making.  Handled as a support request it typically takes 150-300 credits to add a new page to be edited (not including edits to the page).  Edits to the page typically take 150-450 credits per an individual replicating item that is added or moved.  Making modifications within a paragraph typically involved rebuilding the whole paragraph and takes from 250-1500 credits depending on the complexity.  Adding the same text in the same spot on multiple pages typically takes 40-80 credits per an additional page.  If there are more than a couple basic edits being made, and if you do not have any existing credits, you will want to buy at least $50 in credits as $15 wouldn't be sufficient and would cause a delay in completing.  If there are significant changes to an existing PDF it can often be best to purchase a new replicating PDF.

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Q. I need to add two articles and an ebook to your servers so when a customer at the site clicks on a link they will pop up? How can this be accomplished?

A. You can upload the pdf files via the File Manager in the WMT Client Admin.  After uploading, you can link directly to them.

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Q. Should we send pdf for pdf replication or WMT create it?

A. You provide the PDF (we do not create it) and then we install it so that it automatically creates a version that is personalized with your members information. For example, you can have a cover page on your E-Book with the members name, phone, email, image and more or incorporate their information into pages inside the E-Book.

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