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Added: 12/28/2012   |   Updated: 9 Years Ago
You might want to offer people who visit your capture page an E-Book (PDF) if they fill out the form.
You provide the PDF (we do not create it) and then we install it so that it automatically creates a version that is personalized with your members information. For example, you can have a cover page on your E-Book with the members name, phone, email, image and more or incorporate their information into pages inside the E-Book. The price includes placing personalized information on 2 pages inside the E-Book. It doesn't matter how many pages the E-Book has.

Questions And Answers

How long does it take to make modifications to a replicating (branded) PDF?

What is an example of the php code to use to add a new replicating PDF file?

With the Replicating PDF does this mean that in the PDF report that I want to use this with that we will be able to place the each members unique sales page URL link (clickable) into the pdf?

Should we send PDF for PDF replication or WMT create it?

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