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Can we change the appearance of the lightbox?

Added: 04/25/2015   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Can we change the appearance of the lightbox?

Answer    Yes.  You can change many things in the wizard such as size, color, border, transparency and more.  After you finish the editor you can go back and customize the css/html code to make it exactly how you want it.

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Q. What is a lightbox?

A. A lightbox is popup which has content.  Lightboxes are used for images. When you click on an image and it displays in the same page, that is a lightbox.  They are also used for email capture and other promotions.  Our wizard is for creating lightbox email pages.  Lightboxes can be set to appear when a page loads, or with a delay, or triggered by something the visitor does (clicks a button, scrolls, finishes a video, etc).

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Q. Can we edit lightbox content after creating it?

A. Yes

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Q. Is there some way for me to change the banners and background colors in the members area myself?

A. Yes, you can go into the file manager in the WMT Client Admin and make the changes there.

Members Area Files

Members area files are stored in the uploads folder as indicated below:
Images: /uploads/images
HTML: /uploads/adminpages
CSS: /uploads/css

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Q. Will I be able to change the background for my admin panel as well after my site is complete?

A. Yes, the entire members area is completely customizable and you can customize it at any time.

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Q. How do I add images to the page wizard library of background images?

A. You are able to add images as options available to members in the background image library.  The background image library is used in the page wizard in the first step as well as in other places such as when editing the background in the CSS editor when editing a page.

Where to Add/Remove Images

The images available to members are based off the images that exist in the folder: /uploads/wizardbackgrounds
You can add/remove images from the background image library by adding/removing jpg images from the /uploads/wizardbackgrounds folder or any folder inside of that folder through the file manager.
Images added need to be .jpg format.

Grouping Images Into Folders

You can have the images in the background image library grouped into folders.  To do this create a folder in the /uploads/wizardbackgrounds folder.  For example, if you create a folder called clouds and then you upload images to this folder (/uploads/wizardbackgrounds/clouds) then a folder will appear to members called clouds and the images you added to the clouds folder will appear to the members when they click on the cloud folder in the image library.

Image Thumbnails

It is not required but it is advised to create a thumbnail for the image.  Thumbnails should have the same filename as the main image but with -small appended to the end of the filename.  For example, if the main image is backimage.jpg then the thumbnail should be called backimage-small.jpg.  It is recommended that the thumbnail image size is 288px x 162px.

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