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Added: 06/13/2016   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   How do I edit the report spam/optout footer that is added to every email?

Answer    You are able to customize the optout and report spam message that appears at the bottom of every email sent.  In order to do this you must put the ~~ for both the report spam URL and the optout URL inside the body of the email message.

The 2 codes to use for these are ~optouturl~ and ~reportspamurl~ and once both of these appear in the body the default message will disappear.

It is against our terms and not allowed to try to hide or remove this message completely.  You may customize it, but it must appear visibly somewhere in the email.

When you setup these 2 codes you also gain the following ~~ codes which you can use to display the other dynamic information which appears in the footer:

~signature~ = The signature of the member when signatures are turned on
~fulladdress~ = The full address of the member or the admin based settings (please note, that CAN SPAM requires a full address to show in marketing/commercial emails that are sent).
~optinurl~ = The URL of the capture page that the contact originally opted in through
~optintime~ = The time/date of when the conact originally opted in.
~opinip~ = The IP of the contact when they originally opted in.

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Q. What can we do to improve our email delivery rates and prevent getting blacklisted?

  • Establish a good email reputation by not sending out emails that could be considered spam and by not sending emails too frequently.  The more useful an email is, the better.
  • Have your Members follow the whitelist instructions to whitelist your domain name.  Possibly provide a reward for them doing it if possible.
  • Ask your Members to open each email they receive, and not delete without opening, as it is suspected that many ESP's (Email Service Providers) monitor these actions.
  • Do not send emails which only contain images, but no (or very little) text.  This is seen as being a sign of spam by many ESP's.
  • Limit how often OR how many emails your Members can send.
  • Learn more about improving email deliver.

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Q. Which file has the footer text in it?

A. You can find the Footer Text in the location listed below:


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