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Upgrade Requests
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Upgrade Requests

Upgrade requests allow you to have the upgrades you request added to our software. You may have specific features you need added to our software and we are constantly trying to improve our software. An upgrade request is a win win situation where you get the features you need and we get to improve our software. You pay a small fee for a guarantee that the feature you request will be included.

How It Works

You submit an upgrade request describing the new features that you would like for us to add to our software. We review your request and respond with the price it will cost to have your request added. Either using cash or previously purchased credits you pay the price which approves the request. The request is added to our to do list and is included in the next version of our software that we release.

How Much It Costs

Upgrade request prices are up to 20x cheaper than support request time. The price that you pay is not for ownership, but is more an application fee so that we know you are really interested and willing to wait the time needed to get it right. Upgrade requests cost from $10-$250 and can be something complex. The total price is based off the difficulty of the request and how useful the request is for other clients using our software.

How Long It Takes

We create new versions of our software every 1-2 months. How long it takes to complete your request depends on when your request is submitted. Every new version has a cut of time where we stop accepting new requests for that version. This cut off is a couple weeks before we release the new version of our software. This means an upgrade request maybe take as little as 2 weeks if submitted right before this cut off point or as long as 2 1/2 months if submitted right after it.

Upgrade Request vs Support Request

Upgrade Request Support Request
Cheap vs Expensive
Guaranteed vs No Guarantee
2-10 Weeks vs 1-10 Days
You Don't Own The Code vs You Own The Code
It Is Shared vs It Is Exclusive

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