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Task Management Tool

Increase Productivity And Improve Coordination

Get the most out of your time using our task management software. Monitor team performance and improve team coordination. Track time spent and easily bill your clients appropriately.

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Track Time Spent On Tasks

Our task management software allows you to time into tasks so you can track how much time is spent on each task. You can use this to bill your clients for the time spent. Also, this allows you to understand where your time and worker's time is being spent.

View Screen Shots From Workers

Have your team or workers use our monitor software and a screenshot is taken of their screen every few minutes. This allows you to know if workers are on task or if they are visiting some other site (like YouTube or Facebook). Also, it tracks mouse clicks and key presses so you can make sure they are actively working.

Create Task Workflow

Our task workflow management software allows you to setup a series of tasks where the completion of one task activates the next task. If you have a project where several people must touch it, one after the other, our task workflow management software will make the workflow easy to manage and provide smooth handoffs from one worker to the next.

Setup Recurring Tasks

Setup tasks that are automatically created on a recurring basis. You define when they are created. It could be every hour, every day, every week, every month, specific days/times of the week, etc.

Task Skill Management

Setup different skills that are important for you and your team. Assign skills to tasks and skills to workers and easily match up a task to the correct worker. Assign skill levels so that easier tasks are directed to workers with less skill and harder tasks are directed to workers with more skill.

Task Assignment Tool

Easily assign tasks to the best worker using our task assignment tool. Our assignment tool creates a score for each potential worker based off their skill, schedule, workload and how many tasks they completed for the client. You can then use the score to quickly select the best worker for the task.

Task Communication

Our task management software allows you to keep the communication about a task inside of the task. Inside each task is a live chat where workers can chat with the client or chat with each other about the details of the task. You can also post notes, send SMS text messages, and upload files to the task. Workers can also send the client emails and if the client sends back an email it is automatically posted as a note to the task.

Task Approval And Feedback

When a task is marked as complete by the worker an email is sent either to the client manager or to the client telling them the task is complete and ready for them to approve. They can either post a note saying why the task is not complete to reactivate the task or approve the task as being complete. They can also post feedback on a task allowing you to know which workers are the best at keeping clients happy.

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