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What is a piggyack domain (explain)?

Added: 07/30/2012   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   What is a piggyack domain (explain)?

Answer    Below is a document explaining piggyback domains:

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Q. When contacts come through is there a way to tell which advertisement they are coming from?

A. You are able to define a tracking campaign; the tracking information is included in the notification email that is sent and also stored in the members Area.

There is a section in the members area where you and your members can create url's to track different tracking campaigns when using a capture page. 

Also, you can specify the tracking yourself by adding a hidden field to the form with the name "tracking" and for the value the title of the tracking campaign.

Also, you can append tracking details on the end of a URL of a page. For example if your URL looks like this:
To add a tracking campaign titled facebook you will add it to the end like this:

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Q. Is there a way to change the contact notification email so members know which piggyback domain the lead is coming from?

A. Yes, to do this you would create a contact group for the page and assign the piggyback page to the contact group. After doing that you can edit the contact notification message for the contact group so that it mentions the piggyback domain name.

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Q. Does the software provide the use of multiple domains with multiple websites all offering separate autoresponder tracking and groups?

A. The basic software provides support for multiple domains as piggyback domains.
Each piggyback domain costs EXTRA to Setup, and once setup can be configured as you described in your question.

Click here to view our product price sheet.

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Q. If I turn on cookies will that turn it on for the piggybacks as well?

A. Cookies do not pass between domains so they would only work on the domain that set the cookie, which if it is set from contactadd.php then it is on the primary site.

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Q. What is the difference between buying a domain name and doing piggy back vs us buying the same domain name and paying you for the transfer?

A. If you transfer your domain name then you will no longer have the old domain name,
and people will login at the new domain name to access their members area.

If you do a piggyback domain then you keep the old domain,
and people would login at the old domain, not the new piggyback domain.

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