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After installing a page, how do we make it visi...

Added: 08/09/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   After installing a page, how do we make it visible to the members?

Answer    If you are using a basic system it is already visible unless you go back and hide it when editing the page.

If you are using a pro system you need to add the page to a content group in order for it to show.

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Q. What are the changes to installing a page for v4.94?


Page Installation Modifications

This document explains new methods for installing pages starting with version 4.94.  This is the preferred way to installing pages.

Content in Editor

The content of theshould be in the editor so more features work. Make it editable by members if page is editable by members, and put it there, instead of in the php file.

Using CSS Files

It is preferred to have css inside the head rather than included in a css file.
This does not apply to css related to 3rd party stuff (exa: bootstrap, or jquery mobile, or if slider, etc.  For those includes in the header on page.php don't put the css code from inside the file, but put the )

Most Important CSS Items in Editor

The most important things to have inside of a

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Q. If I have webpages built in WordPress, can they be installed into my software onto your server?

A. Yes, but once installed you would need to edit them through our software and not anymore through WordPress !

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Q. Can I use your software if I already have my capture page complete without using your templates?

A. Yes, you can use our software with your existing design.

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Q. Is there any documentation on how to add more capture pages ourselves?

A. Below is a link to the Overview Page:

Below is a link showing the Basic Code that needs to be pasted into a page:

Below is a document explaining how the Form Fields need to be setup:

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Q. Is there a cost for adding additional blank capture pages to my existing software?

With the page creator tool you can easily add blank pages yourself.
If you don't have the tool, or want us to install blank php pages (a capture page with it's own php file) then there is a charge per page for installation.
If you are intending to install a number of blank pages it will likely be more cost effective for you to setup a support request to install X number of blank pages. The support credits and time used will be less money than paying the flat fee to install blank pages.
We also have instructions for installing blank php pages that is easy to follow for anyone who knows php or anyone who is tech savvy.

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