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Added: 08/20/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   Is it possible to integrate TrafficWave.net autoresponder with your software?

Answer    Yes, we can add TrafficWave.
TrafficWave comes setup by default.  However, if you are missing it, TrafficWave only takes a few minutes to add, and can be added as a support request or you can add it yourself following our instructions for adding TrafficWave.

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Q. How can I add trafficwave to my system?

A. Note: This 3rd party autoresponder comes already setup when we install your system. If you have deleted it and want to add it back use the instructions below. If you prefer you can have us add it for you by creating a support request

1- Go to 3rd Party Autoresponders after login as admin

2- Check if Traffic Wave already exists if not then add a new 3rd party autoresponder using the form on the right hand side

3- Enter Traffic Wave as title, it will show other fields

4- Fill the form using the table below

Title Traffic Wave
Field 1 Title TrafficWave tracking Nickname
Field 2 Title TrafficWave Username
Field 3 Title
Form Target http://www.trafficwave.net/cgi-bin/autoresp/inforeq.cgi
Hidden Fields <input type=hidden name="series" value="~field1title~">
<input type=hidden name="subscrLandingURL" value="~redirect~">
<input type=hidden name="confirmLandingURL" value="~redirect~">
<input type=hidden name="trwvid" value="~field2title~">
First Name Form Name da_name
Last Name Form Name da_lastname
Email Form Name da_email
Phone Form Name da_phone
Address Form Name
City Form Name
State Form Name
Zipcode Form Name
Additional Form Names Prefix da_

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Q. Is it possible to integrate the system with the JVZoo payment portal?

A. It can be integrated but requires custom php code to setup.  We have an API if you will do the integration, or have a member on your team do it, or if you send us your details for JVZoo we can make a support request to do it for you.

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Q. Can you integrate your capture page software into my existing website or script?


Yes. We can add our capture page to your existing website or script.
Also, depending on the script, we can add all of the pages for our admin into their admin (so there is one centralized admin).
We can even setup an API for 3rd party applications to communicate to our script (exa: To automate signups).

Please contact us to get a quote to see how much it will cost to integrate our software into yours.

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