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How many email credits do I have each month and...

Added: 07/13/2013   |   Updated: 6 Years Ago

Question   How many email credits do I have each month and how can I control how many credits my members are allowed.

Answer    With regular hosting you have 10,000 emails that can be sent each month, before overages are charged. Under Advanced Features in the Emails Settings section there is an option to edit how often members can send autoresponder emails. This allows you to limit the number of emails sent by each member during the month. For example: Limit to one message every (5) days, each member can only send 6 autoresponder emails a month.

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Q. Is there a certain amount of emails each member's account can broadcast per day or week?

A. Yes, you can set a limit of emails that can be sent in a month and the frequency that members can send broadcast messages.

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Q. Can I upload email adresses into the software and send email, and how many emails does it send?

A. Yes, you can import and email contact.
It sends the amount of emails that you are trying to send (no more, no less).

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Q. Is there a way for me to see the amount of emails that have been sent out?

A. In your members area, in the report center you can see entire emails sent.  You can also see it in the WMT Client admin on the page for your site under the site tab under the stats tab by clicking view stats.  You can see the email overrage rate on the same page above the emails sent in the site details tab.

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Q. how many emails can my members send a month/day and how many emails can i send a month/day?

A. We do not limit the number of emails your members, or you can send each month. However, our hosting packages come with 10,000 emails included in the monthly fee, additional autoresponders will be billed per email (rate depends on the number of emails sent). If you wish to limit the number of emails sent by your members that can be done through the ADMIN members area.

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