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How do I edit the description text on the join ...

Added: 05/20/2016   |   Updated: 3 Years Ago

Question   How do I edit the description text on the join (create account) page for the boxes that have the question marks?

Answer    Any member variable that you add a description to will have the question mark with hover description. You can add/edit member variables at /admin/membervariables

For the redirect url and the username you would now edit it through the file manager.  Once in the file manager you will go to the uploads -> adminpages folder.  There select to edit join.html

From that page you would then click the yellow "Edit Text/Translation" on the left side and it will take you to a page showing all of the text appearing on that page and an edit link to edit each line of text.

Also, from the file manager edit page, if you prefer, you can edit the text directly by editing the html code.  However, we don't recommend doing it that way because it will not translate if you have any translations (Spanish, etc) added to your system.

Also, when editing the translation text (the recommended way), it will specify which pages that text appears on and editing it in one place edits it on all of those pages.  So for example, if you want to change the word Contact into the system to Lead you would simply edit 2 records (Contact and Contacts making them Lead and Leads) and it will change throughout the members area (except in places you have it hard coded like autoresponder messages, or resource pages, etc).

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Q. Would it be best to create a separate account for me to use or should I set up the admin account for my use just like any other member would do?

A. You should setup a separate account for you to use.  The admin account has several cases where it operates differently and is best not to use as a personal account.

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Q. What is the name of the create account page and how do I change it?

A. The name of the you is:

Your can edit the template file for it at:

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Q. How do I have it redirect directly to the create account page from PayPal without it requiring them to click a button to proceed?

A. With PayPal, after a person pays, they are required to click a button (that is not noticable to many people) to continue back to your site to finish the join process.  This can cause many people to get stuck in the PROCESSING mode.  With PayPal, you can have it to automatically redirect to your website after payment so the person is not required to click on a button to proceed.  To do this, you must turn this on within your PayPal account.

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Q. Can we charge an admin fee before they fill out the join page?

A. With a normal system using default settings, yes. If using direct payment to members, then no.

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Q. On the join page how do I remove the redirect url?

A. In your members area, go to the "Advanced Features" page, then click on the "Misc" tab, then put the url for your webinar page in the "Redirect Page" field.
Put the full url, including http://. 
Also, put ?user=~username~ at the end of the url so that it will go to the appropriate member's page.


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Q. Is the "Welcome Page" that shows after a person joins editable, and if so, how?
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Q. With Direct Payment is it possible to collect name and email only and have them create account with name, address etc in (my personal info) after they are inside?
Q. If I provide the API key to a third party affiliate program, will a new member signup in that program automatically create an account in my site for that member?
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