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When I change the "Email Type" in "Advanced Fea...

Added: 04/01/2012   |   Updated: 5 Years Ago

Question   When I change the "Email Type" in "Advanced Features" from HTML to TEXT the emails I already created are still delivered in HTML. Why is this?

Answer    To prevent issues, the "Email Type" should be set before adding any messages.
If switching from HTML to Text it changes the way the messages are created and sent.
However, it doesn't change the messages you've already created.  So, what you end up with is a bunch of messages which have HTML code showing in the message because when those messages were created they were created with HTML.

You will need to go through and remove the HTML code from the messages.
We can also create a script as a support request to go through and convert all your messages at once if needed.

Such a script would cost extra support request credits to setup and perform.
For more details and to view Price-List < Click here >

Further, it will also strip the HTML code out and gets most items right, but there is no warranty on the results,
and you will need to spot check the messages as the conversion is not perfect.

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Q. Does an autoresponder have to be html mail for the opened email tracking to work?

A. Yes, it has to be HTML for it to track.

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Q. What can cause a contact NOT to show that they've opened an email?

A. GMail, Yahoo, and many other ESP's often do not show images in an email unless a person clicks a link saying it's ok to show the images.  If they don't click that link and images are never shown within the email then it will not track the message as being opened.  Also, if the email is not an html email it will not track the message being opened.

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