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An object for adding, viewing, editing and deleting a specific web page.
Database Table: pages
Extends: Result
      Extends: AbstractDatabase

Page PHP Methods

add($postVals) v4.23

Adds a new record. The $postVals is an array of the values for each column when adding the record. Returns 0 if fails, returns the id of the new record if success.

canRecommend($affiliate) v4.3

clonePage($aID, $page, $isBackup = 0, $isDuplicate = 0) v4.03

Clone a page into a new page that is a copy of the cloned version.

convertHTML($htmlContent = '') v4.23

Converts ~~ variables in the $htmlContent that is provided and returns the converted content. The title of the ~~ variables are converted by the content from the column in the database with the matching title.

deleteThis($restoreQuery = '') v4.23

Deletes the loaded record from the database. |
$restoreQuery = FOR INTERNAL USE. FOR TYPICAL USAGE LEAVE THIS BLANK. The restore query to pass along when deleting an object with dependencies.

duplicateThis($newValues = null) v4.92

Creates a duplicate record in the database of the current object and returns the id of the new record.

fixOrder() v4.92

getAccessLevel() v4.03

get Access Level

getAffCanEdit() v4.03

get Aff Can Edit

getAfterContactGroup() v4.03

Get the contact group that a contact is moved to after a delay is finished on the page when delayed action is setup.

getAfterDelay() v4.03

get After Delay

getAfterGrouMatch() v4.2

get After Grou Match

getAfterIMessage() v4.03

get After I Message

getAfterNotify() v4.03

get After Notify

getAfterPoints() v4.2

get After Points

getAID() v4.03

get A ID

getAllowDownlineCopy() v4.03

get Allow Downline Copy

getBody() v4.03

get Body

getContactGroup() v4.03

Get the id of the contact group that optins to this page are assigned to.

getContent($cpc) v4.03

get Content

getDefaultTRHTML() v4.23

Returns the default html code for a tr row with all of the fields from the database in it as ~~ vars

getDynamicParent() v4.03

get Dynamic Parent

getEditable() v4.03

get Editable

getExitPopup() v4.03

get Exit Popup

getFileName() v4.03

get File Name

getID() v4.03

get ID

getIsBackup() v4.03

get Is Backup

getIsDynamic() v4.03

get Is Dynamic

getMembership() v4.03

Get the id of the membership that is allowed to view the page. If 0 then it means all memberships.

getMyURL($affiliate) v4.2

get My URL

getPageContentCount() v4.03

Get the amount of editable content sections on the page.

getPageID() v4.03

get Page ID

getPageType() v4.03

get Page Type

getPassProtect() v4.03

get Pass Protect

getPOrder() v4.03

get P Order

getText($tID) v4.03

get Text

getThirdPartyARID() v4.03

get Third Party AR ID

getThirdPartyARVal1() v4.03

get Third Party AR Val1

getThirdPartyARVal2() v4.03

get Third Party AR Val2

getThirdPartyARVal3() v4.03

get Third Party AR Val3

getUpdated() v4.2

get Updated

getValue($fieldName) v4.23

Returns the value from a specific column for this record. |
$fieldName = The name of the column to get the value from.

hideAllFields() v4.23

Hides all of the columns (fields) from the database table from being returned in the results.

hideField($fieldTitle) v4.23

Hides a specific column (field) from the database table from being returned in the results.

isInviterOn() v4.2

is Inviter On

isLiveChatOn() v4.03

is Live Chat On

loadCapturePage($capturePageID) v4.03

load Capture Page

loadPage($pageID, $adminSettings, $aID, $parentID = 0, $canSharePages = 0) v4.03

load Page

loadValues($id) v4.23

Loads values for the record with the id specified. Returns 0 if not found, 1 if success

loadValuesWhere($whereString = 'id=1') v4.23

Loads values for the record matching the criteria specified by $whereString. If the there is more than one record returned from the query then only the first record is loaded. Returns 0 if not found, 1 if success. |
$whereString = The condition to use to filter the results. Should be mysql format.

moveDown() v4.92

moveUp() v4.92

save($postVals) v4.23

Saves the record with the new values specified in the $postVals array. |
$postVals = An array containing the values to be stored. The key of the array is used for the column name and the value of the array is the value to be stored in that column.

saveChanges() v4.2

save Changes

setID($capturePageID) v4.03

set ID

showAllFields() v4.23

Shows all the columns (fields) from the database table in the results that are returned.

showField($fieldTitle) v4.23

Shows a specific column (field) from the database table in the results that are returned.

__construct() v4.2


Page PHP Variables

$metaDescr v4.03

meta Descr

$metaKeywords v4.03

meta Keywords

$notes v4.03


$redirect v4.03


$title v4.03


Columns in the pages Database Table:

id    title    description    keywords    filename    editable    member    number    type    redirect    notes    dorder    contactgroup    membership    membercanedit    passprotect    exitpopup    allowdownlinecopy    allowallcopy    isbackup    pagedynamic    afterdelay    afternotify    aftercontactgroup    afterimessage    livechat    inviteron    aftergroupmatch    updated    afterpoints    aftertitle    ispublic    hideredirect    contactgroupaction    fbimage    lightbox    ismobile    responsive    

Code Example

Use the code below to view a record in an html page:

Use the code below to add a record:

Use the code below to delete a record:

Sample Usage

Below is an example of how to get page content. The example is from within / (the main/root folder):

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