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An object for adding, viewing, editing and deleting a specific task.
Filename: /admin/tools/WMT\SQL\Task.php
Database Table: tasks
Extends: Result
      Extends: AbstractDatabase

Task PHP Methods

activeString() v4.92

add($postVals) v4.23

Adds a new record. The $postVals is an array of the values for each column when adding the record. Returns 0 if fails, returns the id of the new record if success.

addTask($title, $active, $tID, $tAID, $taskType, $taskTypeID, $performBy, $tUType, $complete) v4.92

assign($uID) v4.92

assignSkill($skillID, $order = 1) v4.92

completeString() v4.92

convertHTML($htmlContent = '') v4.23

Converts ~~ variables in the $htmlContent that is provided and returns the converted content. The title of the ~~ variables are converted by the content from the column in the database with the matching title.

deleteThis($restoreQuery = '') v4.23

Deletes the loaded record from the database. |
$restoreQuery = FOR INTERNAL USE. FOR TYPICAL USAGE LEAVE THIS BLANK. The restore query to pass along when deleting an object with dependencies.

duplicateThis($newValues = null) v4.92

Creates a duplicate record in the database of the current object and returns the id of the new record.

getActive() v4.92

getActiveString() v4.92

getAdminApprove() v4.92

getAID() v4.92

getBonus() v4.92

static getClientName($tAID) v4.92

getComplete() v4.92

getDefaultTRHTML() v4.23

Returns the default html code for a tr row with all of the fields from the database in it as ~~ vars

static getEmployeeName($eID) v4.92

getHasQuestion() v4.92

getID() v4.92

getMaxCredits() v4.92

getMaxCreditsTitle() v4.92

getPerformBy() v4.92

getPresetEmails($site) v4.92

getPrimarySkill() v4.92

getPrimarySkillID() v4.92

getProjectManager() v4.92

getProjectManagerID() v4.92

getRateType() v4.92

getRateTypeColor() v4.92

getRateTypeTitle() v4.92

getSkillLevel() v4.92

getSkillLevelHTML() v4.92

getSkillLevelMinScore() v4.92

getSkillLevelTitle() v4.92

getStatusTitle() v4.92

getTaskBefore() v4.92

getTaskIsForLink() v4.92

getTaskListID() v4.92

getTID() v4.92

getType() v4.92

getTypeID() v4.92

getTypeTitle() v4.92

getUpdated() v4.92

getUType() v4.92

static getUTypeString($tUType) v4.92

getValue($fieldName) v4.23

Returns the value from a specific column for this record. |
$fieldName = The name of the column to get the value from.

hideAllFields() v4.23

Hides all of the columns (fields) from the database table from being returned in the results.

hideField($fieldTitle) v4.23

Hides a specific column (field) from the database table from being returned in the results.

loadInProgress() v4.92

loadNoteCount($utID) v4.92

loadTask($taskID) v4.92

loadValues($id) v4.23

Loads values for the record with the id specified. Returns 0 if not found, 1 if success

loadValuesWhere($whereString = 'id=1') v4.23

Loads values for the record matching the criteria specified by $whereString. If the there is more than one record returned from the query then only the first record is loaded. Returns 0 if not found, 1 if success. |
$whereString = The condition to use to filter the results. Should be mysql format.

removeSkill($assignID) v4.92

save($postVals) v4.23

Saves the record with the new values specified in the $postVals array. |
$postVals = An array containing the values to be stored. The key of the array is used for the column name and the value of the array is the value to be stored in that column.

setAdminApprove($nAApprove) v4.92

setHasQuestion($nHasQuestion) v4.92

setMaxCredits($nMaxCredits) v4.92

setRateType($tRT) v4.92

setSkillLevel($nSkillLevel) v4.92

setUpdated($nUpdated) v4.92

showAllFields() v4.23

Shows all the columns (fields) from the database table in the results that are returned.

showField($fieldTitle) v4.23

Shows a specific column (field) from the database table in the results that are returned.

startTask($eID) v4.92

Task PHP Variables

$added v4.92

$descr v4.92

$employeeName v4.92

$inProgress v4.92

$noteCount v4.92

$noteType v4.92

$priority v4.92

$readytoapprove v4.92

$taskIsFor v4.92

$title v4.92

$uType v4.92

$uTypeString v4.92

Columns in the tasks Database Table:

id    member    tasklistid    tasktype    tasktypeid    title    description    complete    taskbefore    active    added    performby    bonus    utype    readytoapprove    priority    aeid    ratetype    hasquestion    updated    skilllevel    maxcredits    adminapprove    

Code Example

Use the code below to view a record in an html page:

Use the code below to add a record:

Use the code below to delete a record:

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