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Quick Setup

Web Marketing Tool's directory software will be installed on your domain and ready to start adding listings within a couple of hours.

Paid, Free and Earned Listings

You can setup an unlimited amount of listing types and have the results sorted where different listing types show above other ones in the results. This means not only can you have featured listings but you can have layers of different categories of featured listings. An earned featured listing could be where they do something like post a reciprocal link on their website and earned listings can place above free and below paid. You can easily add a payment button that automatically upgrades the listing type when payment is made. Your payment button can be recurring on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Also, it can offer a trial amount or free trial at first. You have full control to easily setup things however you want.

Members Area

Every directory listing has their own username and password to login with. Listing owners can login to make changes to their listing, view statistics, view contacts and make modifications to their page(s). You can also add there content that only listing owners are able to see.

Easily Update Your Website

A powerful directory website creator allowing you to easily create and update your website without needing any technical background. You can also allow each listing to have their own web page(s) that they can update themselves. You can let them edit the whole page, or just a section of the pages. You can also limit what free listings can edit or have on their pages and allowed paid listings to have more control or add more items to their pages.

Communication Tools

We offer communication tools to allow you to easily stay in touch with your visitors and listing owners. Send out emails, SMS messages (mobile text), phone voice broadcasts, live chat, or send out updates to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

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