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Questions and Answers

We offer powerful question and answers software. Questions can be assigned to keywords, categories and documents. When a person asks a question it shows the recommended answers allowing you to save time from answering duplicate questions. Our questions and answers software can be used as a support ticket system to offer your clients and visitors support.

Quizzes And Training

With our quiz creator software it is easy to turn questions into quizzes and setup lessons. This allows you to easily train team members or clients in important features related to your organization. Questions can be assigned to documents and if the questions have a quizzes associated with them then a person can click a "Take a Quiz" button on the document and load all of the quizzes into their que.

Types of Quizzes

Multiple Choice - You have 2 types of multiple choice quizzes. The first type is where the student selects 1 result from a list of multiple choices. The second type is where the student can select multiple correct answers from a list of multiple choices.
Text - The student has to type out the answer and it has to be typed out correctly (capitalization is ignored). This is good for questions that have an exactly answer. For example, this would be good for the question "What is the capital of Georgia?" because the answer has to be typed out exactly as "Atlanta".

Searchable Frequently Asked Questions

Our software has the ability to allow visitors to search or browser answers to previously asked questions. Any question asked by a visitor or client can easily be added to the frequently asked questions by clicking a button to make it public. You can assign keywords and categories to questions improving it's ability to be found in search results and helping people easily find it when browsing. You can also see what searches people are performing and how many results it returns so you know what you need to add.

Delegate Questions To Team Members

You can assign questions to specific team members for them to answer it. You can setup categories and assign access levels so certain team members only have access to specific access levels.

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