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Website Replication Software for Replicating Websites

Fully Customizable Members Area

Replicate Your Existing Website

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US Home Workforce Members Area
If you have a team, belong to an organization, or want to market multiple similar businesses, then you need a Website Replication System. The way it works is that you have one or more pages in your system, and then each member gets their own version of the pages.

Members Can Edit Pages

Allow members to edit the entire page, a section of the page, or none of it. Members can view stats and optins to their personal website through the members area.

No More Copying Files

Stop copying websites into separate folders for your team members. It wastes time and makes updates a real pain.

Turn Yourself Into a Brand

Stop being a team member and become a team leader. Your replicating members area is branded to you.

Supports Folders and Sub Domains

your-website.com/username OR username.your-website.com

Quick Setup

Website replication software is installed within 2-10 hours.

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A website replicator plus much more

A fully customizable members area
Communication replication
Replicate across multiple domains
A full featured eCommerce solution
Foreign language support


Custom Replicated Members Area Examples

A Fully Customizable Members Area

Every word, image and html code in the members area is editable.

Every page is composed from a series of html template files that can be editable to create something that is 100% unique and customized exactly how you want it. This allows you to create a completely unique members area without having to worry about knowing php or worrying about messing up the code.

You can also add your own custom php code by hook files, ajax, iframes or custom php files. This allows developers to use our software as a foundation on which they can build anything. With our Pro software you can have it where each membership has their own set of template files giving each membership it's own unique look.

Contact Management

Contact Management Software

Our website replication software allows your members to generate and manage their own contacts.

  • Detailed statistics
  • View/email all member's contacts
  • Flag and group contacts
  • Add notes and appointments
  • Contact scoring system
  • Unlimited contact fields
  • Import/export contacts.

Learn more about our web contact manager software

SMS Broadcast Screenshot

Communication Replication

Replicate your communication using our website replication software.

Setup autoresponders that replicates multiple series of messages to every member of your team.

You can decide if members are able to create their own messages or if they have to use what you provide. Have your entire marketing communication in one spot. Every member can communicate to their own contacts and you as the admin can also communicate with any contact.

Replicate Domains

Replicate Across Multiple Domains

Setup multiple domains where each domain has it's own content. This gives your members multiple websites, each with it's own content, that is replicated and controlled by them as much as you allow them to control it.

For example, if you are promoting several products, you can setup each product on it's own domain name, and then every member is able to promote their own page on the domain that is designated for that product.

eCommerce Screenshot

A Full Featured eCommerce Solution

Our replication software supports popular payment processors such as PayPal and Authorize.net. This allows you to charge members for membership to your software.

For example, a charity can handle the billing of their annual membership fee you can use our software to . A sports league can allow players to register and pay online. Marketers can sale products, tickets, training, or any other thing else.

When combined with the commission tracking tool members can earn money for referring clients.

Click here to learn more about our eCommerce tools.

PDF Logo

Replicating PDF Files

Foreign Languages Screenshot

Foreign Language Support

Our replication software can be translated into any language and supports all foreign characters. Emails, contacts, members, everything can be saved using foreign characters allowing anyone in the world to use our website replication software.

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Website Replication Software

Self Replicating Websites
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We Have Setup 100's of Replicated Websites

We have been a provider of replicated websites since 2008.
We offer a full featured website replication software.

We constantly add new tools and accept upgrade requests.

We offer support and services for all types of customizations.

Developer Tools and Resources

  • Database, files and php object documentation
  • How to guides and training resources
  • Page installer and tester
  • File manager and editor
  • Fully customizable using html templates

No other replicating website software offers as many capabilities as ours.

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