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Network Marketing Blog Software

Help your network marketing team take advantage of blog marketing. Once the replicating blog software is configured, each member of your team gets their own blog they can easily post to without any html or php code. Replicating blogs can be fully customized allowing you to create the perfect blog template for your team.

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The blog can be completely customized to match your existing site perfectly.
We provide tools that make the publishing process as easy as possible.

Automatic backups
WYSIWYG editor
Search functionality
Browse by date
Tracking and statistics
Compliant with W3C standards
Threaded comments
100% customizable look
Blog variables
Bulk blog creation

Get the Word Out

There are many ways our marketing blog software can help you get the word out. The possibilities are almost endless. Below are a few ideas of how you can use it:

Launch new products. When you launch a great new product that you want tell everyone about you can use your blog to write about it and describe its features. This allows existing clients to know when you have something new and also lets new clients see a history of products you have launched.

Announce discounts, contests, anything. Everyone likes to be updated about special offers or contests where they can potentially earn a prize. You blog is the platform where you can keep everyone up to date with time sensitive promotions. Once a promotion is over it is still useful to let new clients see that you frequently offer promotions so they can look forward to future promotions.

Share your thoughts. Let visitors and clients know how things are going with your company and what is on your mind. This helps to build personal relationships with many clients and/or visitors at once. This is a perfect way to establish new connections, build relationships and drive more traffic to your site.

Create training resources. Use your blog to create training for workers, clients, or even to share with the whole world. Your blog provides you with training resources that you can access anywhere. Also, its a great way to establish yourself as being an authority in your field, build trust with clients, and drive traffic to your site.

Blog Replicator

If own a copy of our membership software and add the blog marketing tool to it you have a powerful blog replicator that allows each of your members to have their own blog with an unlimitted amount of pages. You can setup blog variables and then preload each members blog creating our own "blog spinner" that automatically gives each member unique content on their own blog.

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