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Title: Join Page
The join page (/join ALSO /admin/join.php). You can pass it membership=# to set it to a specific membership.

Tilde Codes




Universal Tilde Codes


Language Codes

U = Universal
%l~laid~%Add Contact
%l~laid~%Advanced Features
%l~laid~%Capture Page
%l~laid~%Capture Pages
%l~laid~%Click here
%l~laid~%Confirm Password
%l~laid~%Contact Groups
%l~laid~%Contact Us
%l~laid~%Content Groups
%l~laid~%Create Free Accounts
%l~laid~%Create a Member
%l~laid~%Do not include the URL with the username. Only include the username itself.
%l~laid~%Email Members
%l~laid~%Email must be at least 7 characters long, and must contain an @ and .
%l~laid~%Fill out the form to the left to join our marketing software.
%l~laid~%First Name
%l~laid~%Getting Started
%l~laid~%HTML Form Code
%l~laid~%I agree to the
%l~laid~%Last Name
%l~laid~%Marketing Tools
%l~laid~%Member Variables
%l~laid~%Members Area
%l~laid~%Please agree to the terms and conditions
%l~laid~%Please enter a Redirect URL
%l~laid~%Please enter a city
%l~laid~%Please enter a country
%l~laid~%Please enter a first name
%l~laid~%Please enter a last name
%l~laid~%Please enter a password
%l~laid~%Please enter a phone
%l~laid~%Please enter a state
%l~laid~%Please enter a username
%l~laid~%Please enter a zip code
%l~laid~%Please enter an address
%l~laid~%Please enter an email
%l~laid~%Powered By
%l~laid~%Redirect URL
%l~laid~%Referred By
%l~laid~%Report Center
%l~laid~%Select a State
%l~laid~%Setup Free Member
%l~laid~%Terms & Conditions
%l~laid~%The Username you chose already exists, please select a different one.
%l~laid~%The email you chose already exists, please select a different one.
%l~laid~%The email you entered does not match the email used to pay with.
%l~laid~%The email you entered is invalid.
%l~laid~%The password and confirmation password must match
%l~laid~%The username name must be 25 characters or less
%l~laid~%The username you want to use for your membership with us. Your username cannot contain any special characters (letters and numbers only). Your web page will be based off your username. Exa:
%l~laid~%The verification code you entered does not match.
%l~laid~%The website a visitor goes to after filling out the form on your Capture Page.
%l~laid~%To create a free account enter their email below and they will be emailed instructions to create their account
%l~laid~%Transaction ID
%l~laid~%Upload Photo
%l~laid~%View Contacts
%l~laid~%We have received your PayPal payment. Below are details for your transaction. You will receive an email from PayPal with additional details.
%l~laid~%Website Tools
%l~laid~%Your Domain Names
%l~laid~%Your Profile
%l~laid~%Zip Code
%l~laid~%to edit the email

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